Why cant i get Cable Internet at my home from Charter?

I currently have Bellsouth/Att dsl 1.5 mb (supposedly) but its super slow and goes out allllllll the time. We are tired of it. I want Charter but they said that I am so many feet away from the lines that they cant bring it to my home, yet the numbers they gave me were less than half a mile and i live on a fairly high populated road. Ive lived at my home for 14+ years and we just got dsl about 2 years ago, previously we had to use an internet card because there were too many dsl subscribers in my area. Please tell me what i can do to get Charter internet at my home!!! ☮& ♥

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    You'd have to pay the costs of 'building out' to your house. You'd probably have to take a small mortgage on the house to do that.

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