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Can you get really sick from having three undercooked shrimp?

Like a dumbass didn't notice until the third one.. and now I'm TERRIFIED..haha:(


The shrimp was def not pink...

Update 2:

Wonderful; the shrimp were grey and the cook was my dad.. can i say ******?:*(

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    Yes you can. People comment on sushi and cocktail shrimp, but those are not served raw. Not in the US anyway. And not if the cook is abiding by the FDA's regulations. Those shrimp and fish are partially cooked, at least to where the temp is high enough to have killed any bacteria or parasites.

    Anyone who has dabbled in cooking, has cooked raw or frozen shrimp before. You would know if it was raw. Shrimp are a dark grey when uncooked and they don't really have any solidness to them. They kinda flop around while being deveined and cleaned and can look like a big grey blob. When they are heated is when they sorta firm up. So you wouldn't have had "pink" shrimp if they were undercooked. Pink shrimp IS cooked shrimp.

    There's not really a solid way to know if your shrimp was undercooked. As long as they weren't any shade of grey, I think you're fine. You can get sick from anything thawed incorrectly, cross contaminated with other foods (raw meat touching veggies), not washing hands between food handling, or undercooking. Some parasites, like intestinal worms, flourish in undercooked food or poached food (just dropping it in hot water for a minute or two).

    But honestly, if you were at a major restaurant or a well-visited place and one that is clean, you are probably fine. Also, depending on how long ago this was, you'd know if you were getting sick from it. Food poisoning hits almost immediately, parasites take longer but you would notice them too.

    Don't worry. If you ever notice food looking iffy again, send it back and say why. You may even get a refund.

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    Raw shrimp can make you sick. However, you would have been throwing up by now if this was the case. Shrimp only takes seconds to cook. As long as they reach an internal temperature of 145 F, they will be safe to eat. I kinda doubt it was undercooked. Perfectly cooked shrimp can kind of look undercooked to the untrained eye.

    Also, shrimp is NOT used raw in sushi or for cocktail shrimp, contrary to the other people who answered this question. Shrimp needs to be cooked. Other types of seafood are used raw in sushi, but not shrimp.

    You'll be fine. No need to worry.

    Source(s): chef culinary school grad ServSafe Certified current Food Handler's Card 29 years in the industry
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    if the shrimp was pink, it was done.

    Shrimp cook in a matter of minutes.

    Even shrimp that is not cooked over heat but in a strong citrus sauce is considered cooked by the acid in the citrus.

    And Shrimp cocktail is not raw shrimp.

    As least not any I have ever seen offered at any function.

    Shrimp are gray when raw and pink when cooked.

    And no you probably won't get sick.

    It would have to be contaminated with a bacteria for you to be sick.

    Eating raw food doesn't automatically make you sick.

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    I eat fresh ones flashed steamed for 15 seconds. Yummy! You are fine as long as the shrimp are good.

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    People in Hollywood eat that stuff raw all the time.

    You'll be fine. Enjoy your holiday and be well.

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    no. there are plenty of shrimp dishes served raw. (specifically cocktail shrimp)

    also,l ever hear of sushi?

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    i dont think so

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    no, only if they were spoiled rotten.

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