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How can I download library ebooks to my pandigital novel?

just received a pandigital novel ereader for Christmas - tried to download a couple of library books but download was unsuccessful - does anyone know if/how I can change this to borrow books from my library? Thanks

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  • 10 years ago
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    1) Go to…

    2) Scroll down. You should see a brown button that says "Install." Click.

    3) Follow the given instructions.

    4) Once ADE is downloaded, it will ask you to register and active your new program. To do so, you must go back to the website you started at (see above). In the top right hand corner, click "sign in."

    5) On the left hand side of the screen, click the gold button that says "Create and Adobe Account." Follow the given instructions and provide the information in the required fields.

    6) Once you have successfully registered, go back to the ADE program you downloaded and activate your program by giving the email and password you used when creating your adobe account.


    1) Go to your local library's website. There should be an option for downloadable media.

    2) Choose your book(s) and proceed to 'checkout.'

    3) Underneath all of your chosen book(s), there will be a button that says "download." Click this and download each eBook individually to an easy-to-find folder on your computer.

    4) Go to the folder on your computer that contains your downloaded eBooks. Open them. They should open into the Adobe Digital Editions program that you just installed.


    1) Plug your Pandigital Novel into your computer.

    2) On the program Adobe Digital Editions, underneath the "Bookshelves" on the left hand side of the screen, there should be an option that says "Pandigital Novel" (or some variation of that).

    3) Drag your downloaded library books into that bookshelf.

    4) Unplug your Pandigital Novel.


    1) Go to your home screen.

    2) At the bottom of your PN (underneath the Bookstore and Library), scroll the Application Quick Launch Bar to the right. You should see an application that says "Adobe eBooks." All of your downloaded library books should be there.

    **Don't forget that they are library books and must be returned! To do so:

    1) Open your Adobe Digital Editions program.

    2) On the left hand side underneath the "Bookshelves," open the Borrowed books.

    3) Select the book that you would like to return. A small arrow should appear to the left of the book title. Click this and select "Return Borrowed Item."

    Good luck!!

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  • 10 years ago

    This from the Facebook page, to which I belong as I own one (I love the pandigital novel):

    Ok so I just successfully downloaded a library book, which was an Adobe pdf book. However the file is an ACSM file. I can open it fine in Adobe edition on my computer but can't get it to work on the PDN.

    Did you authorize your PDN in ADE? The ACSM isn't the book. It is the file that allows you to download your purchased book. There is a error in either the download of ADE or you need to authorize or re-authorize your novel. The novel only supports PDF and EPub.

    You attach your PDN to your computer with the USB (after having opened Adobe Digital Editions). Adobe will see the pandigital and if you have not already authorized it, will ask you to (you do this once). Then the PDN should show up as an icon on the left panel of Adobe DE. Go to library in Adobe Digital Editions and drag the book to the PDN icon. It should copy. Now safely remove the PDN and go into your library on the PDN once it reboots. If library book doesn't show up, click on the title column and select Local. It should show up. If it doesn't, select the magnifying glass on bottom menu and search the title (I have had to do that a few times - think they fixed it though in the November firmware update of the black PDN).

    Source(s): Good luck.
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