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Which senior military college is the closest to the service academy life?

Which senior military college is the closest to a cadet life as far as having a doolie system, engineering programs, field training, bct, tuition includes all expenses, etc.?

I am planning on going through AFROTC by the way.

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    None, actually.

    The Corps of Cadets at the smaller institutions VMI, Georgia Military, and The Citadel are probably closest in terms of the regimentation, but they lack the facilities that a university or one of the service academies has. Virginia Tech has more regimentation than Texas A&M, but the Aggie Corps has more going on, and while these are both among the best equipped Engineering Schools in the country they are both considerably less regimented. And Norwich is "something completely different."

    AFROTC does not cover as much in the way of costs as enrollment in a Service Academy. Tuition is covered, books and uniforms are provided, but the monthly stipend is far less than the monthly salary of a Cadet/Midshipman, and your on your own as far as medical, dental, etc.

    By all measures the Freshman training at all Senior (and to the best of my understanding all Junior) Military Colleges is quite tough. When you go for your Summer training you can rest assured that you will be wearing your uniform in as squared-away a manner as your peers who attend USAFA, that Physical Training will be a piece of cake, and in general that nobody will for one second mistake you for a student at one of the non-Military AFROTC schools.

    But you will not receive the full scope of training that is only available at Colorado Springs.

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    Closest? Probably VMI or The Citadel. But none will be the same as the actual Academy.

    I would suggest going to either Texas A&M or Virginia Tech to do AFROTC. They are both top notch universities, with excellent ROTC and Corp of Cadet programs.

    The Citadel and VMI are great, but you can get the same quality of military training at VT or Texas A&M, and still enjoy the college experience.

    If you want the closest to Academy life, then yeah maybe VMI or The Citadel. If you want the best overall experience I suggest VT or Texas A&M. I have 2 cousins who are alumni of VT, and loved every minute of it. One of them did AFROTC at VT, and said great things about it. I visited VT and it's the most amazing campus I've seen. VT also has great engineering.

    Good Luck on your decision.

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