Ear wax stuck in ear?

Hi, i searched online about how to get earwax out of my ear, and people told me to put hydrogen peroxide into it. I had help with my dad and we put a couple of drops into it about 5-10 minutes ago. it got 4x worse. its bubbling inside and i can't hear a thing anymore through it. whats gonna happen? how can i get ride of the earwax without consulting a doctor? thanks


Extended : Will it go out if i don;t touch it. Regardless of the amount of time i have to wait, wil lit go out? please answer this

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  • anna
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    9 years ago
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    Trying to get it out without consulting a doctor is what got you where you are now. Go to the doctor unless you enjoy being deaf in one ear.

  • Lizzie
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    9 years ago

    First, lay down with your head turned so that the affected ear opening is downward, pointing to the floor. An old rag will catch the hydrogen peroxide as it drains out. Don't lay on anything you don't want damaged by the peroxide. It will bleach and damage fabric (and other things). Let it all drain back out.

    Your best choice is to go to a doctor ASAP because a buildup of ear wax might NOT be your problem, but if you want, you can try this:

    A few drops of slightly warm (NOT HOT!!!) mineral oil, followed by a cotton ball to keep it from running down your neck, will help to soften the wax. If you want, you can use room temperature mineral oil, and remove the risk of burning your ear canal. You may need to repeat this once every day for a week, then get an OTC ear cleaner, available at every store that has a pharmacy (lots of grocery, drug and discount stores have them). Get the kind with the bulb syringe, which looks like a small, pointed (hollow) ball. Never use a Q-Tip or other cotton swab in your ear. Use only the bulb syringe and the cleaning solution. That should remove the softened wax. Just follow the package instructions.

    Some people just naturally make more ear wax than others. It is not a sign of dirty ears, it's just a natural variation in people. If you are one of those people, you will need to keep the bulb syringe handy, and clean your ears this way once a week, always. You can do it in the shower.

    Source(s): have a family member with this problem
  • Joyce
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    4 years ago

    poking in the ear is a really bad and foolish thing to do.You can easily pierce the eardrum and have major problems. A product called waxsol (and there are others )dissolves ear wax . However olive oil is as good.Plug the ear with a little cotton wool to keep it in . Once it is more liquid it sometimes comes out overnight on the pillow (take the wool out at night) but there are spray cans of a special sea water that is used to remove it. Also you can get someone else to wipe it out of the ear with a cotton bud, but not to poke down into the ear, only what they can see lying in the bottom of the tract. Repeat if neceassary.

  • 9 years ago

    unpleasant as it may be you can only carry on putting warm drops of olive oil into the affected ear this can take up to 2 weeks to run clear.

    that's the only safe way without consulting a doctor.

    2 drops 3 times a day and plug with cotton wool

    Source(s): anatomy & physiology student
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  • Lee
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    9 years ago

    I did same thing. Then saw doctor. Nurse squirted very warm water with a large syringe into my ears, while I was sitting up straight. She flushed out my ears until all the ear wax was out (very gross!). If it starts to hurt do not squirt in anymore water . Good luck!

  • 9 years ago

    Soak q tips in olive oil insert them in your ears let them sit for 5 mins and then take them out... Then take clean q tips and clean out your ears. The oil from the oive oil makes the wax seperate

    Source(s): Have to do this for my fiance 2 a month
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