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recovering damaged video files?

hi, i was at akon's concert and i was video recording the concert...! i took with me two SD cards ! the first one full so i inserted the second one which can hold a 1 Gb of media. i recorded a couple of small clips and they worked perfectly but then i recorded long length video's like a 180 Mb each! but when i was at the concert n i was saving every video, the camera took a while saving them n i thought that the camera got freezed so i took out the batteries and put them back and then turn it on again and recorded the others. and whenever i wanted to save them also the same thing happened. Anyway when i came back, i wanted to check the videos. only the short clips worked but the others couldn't be opened. on Quicktime they keep on sending me an alert "the movie is not in a format that quicktime player understands." althought the short ones have the same format and were recorded on the same camera. is there anyone to recover those files? thank you in advance! and merry xmas :)


******* any way

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    you may try to recover your video files with asoftech data recovery

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    this may not assist you on the instant, yet indoors the destiny, you would be waiting to need a loose application like clonezilla. Backups are precise, like the 2d you made them. Do a google seek for for record & records restore, and yet yet another one for 'the thank you to unformat a complicatedchronic'

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