Leonardo DiCaprio movies question. (SPOILER ALERT)?

Can anyone tell me why producers make such an amazing actor such as Leonardo DiCaprio have the worst endings to great movies? (SPOILER) For example, in his recent movie "Inception", the watchers are left not knowing if it actually is reality or not. In "Shutter Island", the watchers never find out if he actually was being manipulated or he is crazy. In "Departed" after all he's been through to keep his identity a secret he dies by non other than a single bullet!!!!! Its so frustrating why do they do this????

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    10 years ago
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    I think DiCaprio chooses roles that he wants to challenge himself with, so I'm sure he's aware of what will happen to his character at the end of the movies. It's not like he takes the role without knowing the script, and then finds out the director is going to make his character have a bad ending.

    BTW, to answer your questions -

    - I think at the end of "Inception", the spinning top does eventually stop and that it really is reality (you can see the top begin to topple a bit before it cuts out to the credits).

    - For "Shutter Island", I think that he does get cured of his craziness at the end. You can tell when he looks at his cop partner/doctor at the end, in his eyes there's a sane realization that he knows he's crazy. But yet, instead of wanting to get healed, he chooses to go back to being crazy because he feels more comfortable that way rather than dealing with reality.

    - For "Departed", his character getting shot was so sudden and unexpected, I think that it added realism to the movie. I mean, when else do you see the main character of the movie played by a mega celebrity being killed on screen like that?

    By the way, thank you for putting the (spoiler alert) in the title of your question as a courtesy for those who haven't seen these movies yet.

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