.what is the name of this christmas movie?

people what is the name of this christmas movie in which a teenage girl helps a santa who is very much upset that his wife finds has grown increasingly distant from him over the years,,,the girl takes him shopping,buys him a suit and getshim a hair cut,shave,etc and makes him better loking..i need it tonight so please help...?

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    Too Cool for Christmas (2004) (TV)

    "Too Cool For Christmas" (Canada, 2004) tells the story of self-centered and spoiled 16 year old Lindsay Dearborn, who plans to ditch spending Christmas with her family (actually, a gay father and his life partner, along with her little sister) in order to go on a "really cool" ski trip with some friends. When even her friend Paige tells her that her negative attitude about the holidays is getting to be a bit much, she tries to befriend the mall's Santa (George Hamilton), who confides in her that Mrs. Claus doesn't seem to be so romantic with him anymore, even though they successfully made it through the "700-year Itch" part of their marriage. Of course, Lindsay puts Santa through a total makeover, and is rewarded with an invitation to accompany Santa on his Christmas Eve rounds ... but in her sports car, since she is leery about traveling in a flying sleigh without seat belts. Of course, Santa intends the trip to show Lindsay the true holiday spirit.

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