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get big when skinny quickly?

i have a very slight body but im already relatively 16 and 5'8. im skinny but toned. i dont have weights and wanna work BICEPS, TRICEPS, ABS and PECS!!! what are the best push ups/situp/crunches etc to get big QUICKLY ASAP!!! cheers folks, merry christmas :)

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    I can tell you how to get big quickly in terms of relatively to normal growth, but there is no way to go from skinny to jacked overnight. For lean muscle growth, aim for around 1 pound a week.

    My biggest tip is to look up diet and workout advice SPECIFIC TO YOUR BODY TYPE. From the sound of it, you are most likely ectomophic (as opposed to mesomorphic or endo-) since your body sounds naturally slender with difficulty putting on weight.

    Beyond that, you have the right idea with focusing on bodyweight exercises...for the most part. Generally, free weights are a big part of working out to get bigger, but since youre still in puberty, you should hold off on that for a few years.

    To specifically answer your question in parts:

    1. The main thing is that if you want to get bigger, you have to eat more calories than you use. You could calculate a specific number with websites and then count all the things you eat...or you could do it the easy way and just eat a good deal more than you do now.

    2. Pushups will build your triceps and pecs. situps and crunches will build your abs. pull ups and chinups (which you can do in a doorway or on monkey bars at any playground or school) will build your biceps and back.

    As for specific kinds of each exercise, there are tons that vary in the parts of each muscle they focus on (because pecs, biceps, etc are actually muscle GROUPS that consist of multiple muscles). I have included a link below that is magical! just click on the muscle group you want to work on, and it will give you tons of exercises. For now, focus on the sets under the title of bodyweight.

    3. If you do a lot of cardio regularly, I would actually suggest cutting down a little bit for now. People of our body types are what are called hard-gainers, meaning we have to literally force our bodies to turn calories into growth rather than using them up. Some cardio is always good though.

    4. Nutrition-wise: Get carbs early in the morning as well as right after working out, and a lot of protein. TONS of water too!

    5. Finally, 8 hours of sleep (or at least a decent amount) and never work out a muscle group that is still sore.

    Source(s): The workout bible.
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