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What r the bad things about Ecuador?

what swhould Us citizens beware of (if anything)?

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  • 10 years ago
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    The climate of Ecuador could be very unpleasant for tourists in Ecuador since the weather is very humid and hot.

    The uncertainty of government, makes most people dislike the current president.

    The tax charged for goods to enter Ecuador, this makes anyone regret buying them.

    The disorder in certain cities, Quito and Guayaquil in particular, are now the fashion: express kidnappings, assaults, people stoned with scopolamine, etc.

    Some tourists complain that in Ecuador there is no variety of food, for example, if U.S. beef is cooked with 50 different sauces, in Ecuador there is the same with only 1 meat sauce.

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  • 10 years ago

    The is strong! Bring sunscreen with 30 or 50 protecting level...even higher...

    Then also warm clothes because at night in the Sierra (Quito for instance) it is cold....around 10 °C...

    Concerning security, just be aware that people in big cities like Quito do not walk at night through the streets...take taxis (they are very cheap) right to the place you want to go...exposing in not a good idea...after your trip you may say that I was exaggerating but I definitely thing avoiding exposure is Intelligent...(also I am talking about big cities...Quito and Guayaquil....the rest of the country is pretty safe).

    Nothing else important I gess, enjoy you trip and visit the Amazon jungle, the andes and the galapagos if you can...


    Source(s): Pep
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  • 10 years ago

    The people are self centered. They won't lift a finger to help anyone else, but they will plead with anyone who will listen for help for themselves.

    It is a filthy, disgusting, dirty place, especially in the coast, especially in Guayaquil. Trash collection in Guayaquil literally amounts to dumping your trash in the middle of the street. A truck comes by and collects most of it.

    They condone violence and oppression on all scales. Abuse of children is encouraged. Abuse of women is condoned. Abuse of the poor by the rich is assumed.

    It is a corupt little hole. If you want anything done, you have to bribe the right official or your documents will never move through their system.

    Petty thievery and general dishonesty are rampant.

    Source(s): I'm Ecuadorian. But I got out.
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