Why isn't ad-block permanent?

I use ad block to block the image. But as soon as it refreshes its back up. Am I doing something wrong?

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    9 years ago
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    AdBlock Plus settings

    To maximize the blocking function of ABP:

    On the ABP 'Stop Sign' drop arrow> Preferences> Filters> Add filter subscription: from the list of those available, tick whatever filter fits your Firefox settings have as 'home' country (US is > Easy List); tick 'Subscribe'> OK.

    (This list removes the huge top banner ad on these Yahoo pages)

    "Easy List" is one good subscription, and others can be obtained for your particular countries servers (and a few extras for US; EasyPrivacy+EasyList, Malware Domains; AdblockRules.org; Fanboy's List):

    In ABP > Preferences> Filters> Add filter subscription> "View All Subscriptions" link @ top of window> on the new Firefox window, select those which you'd like to add (on the right) "Subscribe"> check both boxes> OK out.

    The list is long...look for any that will help your browse sessions be 'cleaner'.

    When fresh ads appear, it means a new way to get around your current 'blocking' subscriptions. The inconsiderate bastards who intrude onto your system are constantly advancing their delivery methods, and you must constantly counter-measure those efforts.

    To remedy; right click the offending rubbish> look for the Adblock Plus 'block' line, then 'add' the "filter rule"> Add filter.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I've had this problem too with the ad-block plus , i've actually uninstalled it till the ad block plus programmer fixes it , since its obviously a glitch with ad-block .

    For the past couple of weeks ad-block plus has been blocking nothing for me ...... so untill the developer sorts it out , i wont be using it ...

    You should use No script instead .......... its not an ad blocker primarily , but it will block ads aswell as anything else you want to block .

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