lost all my files on my blackberry after plugging into the computer?

I have a blackberry curve 8250 or something like that and i have a usb cord that i plugged into the computer trying to put songs onto my phone, but then it shut off cus it was dead i turned it back on, actually it came back on cus it was plugge dinto the computer and all my files on my phone are gone. pictures, videos, everything how do i get them back?

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    9 years ago
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    First thing to note is that the deleted data on the phone will remain there until something new is saved and overwrites it. This might not happen immediately but eventually, after continued use, it will.

    Either connect the phone straight to a PC using a USB cable (if supplied with the phone) or take the card out and put it in a card reader attached to the PC. You should see memory card shown as a drive letter (like H:) in Windows Explorer.

    Then try some data recovery software on the PC. This should recognise the phone or card and then you can scan it using the free download of some good data recovery software. That will show you what files still exist on the phone or card and what can be recovered.


  • 3 years ago

    in case you went and did the perfect attempt to "guess your password" and flow the variety in BlackBerry to get again into the gadget, it wiped the gadget sparkling, to allow you again in. If that is what got here about, and also you've were given no backups, you should commence from scratch, because it did a WIPE of the Blackberries inner memory. Your Blackberry is now again to production facility settings. something no longer kept to the media card (memory card) isn't lengthy previous. Lesson realized as we communicate, continuously continuously continuously use the backup ideas for any cellular telephone/telephone.

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