Need some help with racing terms?

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I have been filling out my 19yo ex-racehorse's statistics on (since no one else has), and I have gotten stuck. I have filled out her foals' info (# of foals, runners, winners, and stakes winners) in the "Statistics" section, but the next line wants to know the "AEI", "CI", and "AWD". What does that mean?

Next, what does this stuff mean?

I know her name, number, and owners, but what is the other stuff? Odds, medication, and "M/L"...

Sorry, I don't know a ton about racing, I'm a huntseat rider! haha


Oh, and what's a blacktype horse?

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    9 years ago
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    AWD average winning distance

    AEI average-earnings Index

    CI ?

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    9 years ago

    I can help you with the "Black Type" portion of your question. When you go to a sale for prospective thoroughbred racehorses or breeding stock, the catalog will list every horse and its pedigree. It will have a chart listing dams and sires for 3 generations. Under that will be a listing on of dams and winning offspring of those dams. If a horse won a stakes race it is listed in all capitol letter in bold black type. If it placed in a stakes race it is listed in lower case bold black type. As you look down the page the more bold names you see ("black type") the better the pedigree. They concentrate on the dams line, as they think genetically that is where the speed comes from. Think of Secretariat being a fantastic race horse, but his offspring were not spectacular. The fillies did somewhat better than the colts.

    Maybe you can help me on a question: I know a long deceased TB's tatoo number, but not his offical name. Is there anyway I can find info about his racing career? I tried through the Jockey Club's website, but they would only let me put the "current" letter in. The horse I'd like to find out about was born in 1969. Thanks.

    Source(s): Here is a site that better explains a catalog page:
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    Red print or a star means that the horse is an import. I found it iteresting that when we owned a x race horse that had belonged to the Queen. The papers looked like our jockeyclub papers only his papers were edged in red instead of blue. And the papers said for owner (The Queen) Place ( Buckingham Palace)

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