Need some help with racing terms?

I have been filling out my 19yo ex-racehorse's statistics on (since no one else has), and I have gotten stuck. I have filled out her foals' info (# of foals, runners, winners, and stakes winners) in the "Statistics" section, but the next line wants to know the "AEI", "CI", and "AWD". What does that mean?

Next, what does this stuff mean?

I know her name, number, and owners, but what is the other stuff? Odds, medication, and "M/L"...

Sorry, I don't know a ton about racing, I'm a huntseat rider! haha


Oh, and what's a blacktype horse?

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  • 10 years ago
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    AEI (average earnings index) CI (comparative index) and AWD (average winning distance) are ways of ranking the progeny of a racehorse. AEI is a rating based on how much money foals of a certain stallion or mare earn at the track. The CI is kind of complicated, but basically it is a rating to determine whether a stallion's foals out of a given mare are better than foals out of the same mares but by different stallions. Average winning distance of a stallion's progeny is self-explanatory. I have included a link that explains AEI and CI a little better.

    M/L stands for morning line. Those were her odds in the program, which then change up until the race based on how much money was bet on her. So she was 8/1 on the morning line, but her odds went up to 13/1 at the time that screenshot was taken. In other words, if she won, her backers would get $13 for every dollar they bet on her.

    Medication is any legal race-day medication received. The L stands for Lasix. That is the only medication allowed in most states, although some also allow Bute - I think that Kentucky, where that race was, is one of them. If she had also received bute, it would say "LB".

    A "blacktype" horse is one that has won or placed (finished in top 3) in a stakes race. The term comes from sales catalogs - the names of horses that are stakes winners or stakes placed are typed in bold-face or "black" type.

    Hope this helps!

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    a few harness racing phrases race motorcycle-sometimes called sulky, aerodyncamic cart utilized in racing which reduces drag and raises carry harness-holds the apparatus in location, is composed of bridle, girth, saddle and crupper Headpole - runs alongside the top and neck and hooks to the harness to maintain the pony from turning its head, which might motive it to damage stride. Bell boots - rubber hoof covers used to shield a horse from hitting its entrance legs with rear hoofs knee spreaders - used to widen horses gait in its entrance legs to avert it from hitting its knees Overcheck - rein more often than not connected to the overcheck bit, strolling excessive of the top and down the neck in which it's strapped to the harness. It prevents the pony from decreasing its head, which is helping preserve right gait Tail tie - tie can be used to brace the tail from motion, which is helping the pony withstand the urge to kick Buxton - nylon strap that runs around the shoulders, across the neck and among the entrance legs in a Y-form, which prevents the harness from slipping backward Saddle pad - designates the pony’s application quantity within the race, every numbered saddle pad corresponds to a specified colour, smaller quantity is the race quantity Open bridle - makes it possible for the pony a whole variety of sight without a obstruction Jog cart - used for coaching, heavier than a race motorcycle and is extra secure for the motive force. Many horses warming up among races can be visible pulling a jog cart Hobbles - often known as hopples, plastic loops worn by way of pacers to support the pony preserve the pacing gait hobbles for trotters are very similar to pacing hobbles, however the loops are worn handiest across the entrance legs, and are joined by way of a rope and pulley that hangs beneath the pony

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