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Do you remember what sidekick of George Burns called the president Hoobert Heever?

Now, Burns and Allen is on. What a hoot.

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    I remember Harry. He was a great talent. And the perfect foil for Burns and Allen. As if Gracie needed one. She was awesome.

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    Its almost a Spoonerism.

    "Mardon me padam, this pie is occupewed. Can I sew you to another sheet?"

    "The lord is a shoving leopard,"

    Named after the Reverend William Archibald Spooner (1844-1930), who would oft switch letters around (see metathesis) when he spoke, the spoonerism is a now legendary slip of the tongue

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    Loved CO's reference to Spoonerisms. We learned about those in school, long ago.

    Although I've heard that particular broadcast on an old album of bloopers, I don't remember who it was who said it. I remember he had a kind of squeaky voice in that clip, though.

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