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Why are so many men blind to the injustices suffered by women every day?

Right here in the good old U.S. of A.

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    The answer is simple: Because they don't want to. It hurts their pinhead brains to think. These Neanderthals are a serious impediment to a better world.

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    Why are you so blind only to speak of the injustices suffered by one gender when across the world injustices are practiced daily?But to answer that you need to define what you mean by injustice. Injustice is not really suffered if your yardstick of injustice is some imaginary equality of conditions, but is really suffered if basic equality under law is not practiced or liberty is denied. Women in Muslim nations truly suffer injustice. Slavery is still practiced in the Sudan. North Korea is one big prison camp. In Russia the autocrats are slowly assuming absolute power once again. Talking about the injustices of America, in comparison to the world, is like talking about a hang-nail when the other guy is suffering from cancer.

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    For the same reasons so many women are blind to the injustices that men have suffered and do suffer regularly in this country and around the world.

    Each group has taken an ego centric attitude as its predisposition of preference, deciding that they and they alone suffer and that all others should then condescend to their wants so as to atone for the same.

    Feminism was and is a radical, extremist view of a skewed reality that has done more harm than benefit to all peoples.

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    Man-hater rhetoric by countless women who never suffered any injustices is probably a lot of the cause. All the sound and fury for a couple of generations shoved a lot of perception into the boy who cried wolf folder and left the wolves roaming with nobody paying attention to what they were doing.

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    because at the end of the day, no gender is special. when you look back at the behavior of each sex, the roles that people of both sexes play in your life, the things you hear them say, the stories that you hear; you get a big picture.

    there's a lot of injustices concerning women, but on a daily basis you'll normally see a lot of females talking about nothingness, and taking advantage of the fact that they are women and men are expected to suck up to them. also there is a lot of competition with looks. there is equal stupidity, some the same and some different with men, but i personally perfer men in general because there is something cooler about them, though maybe i just notice that because i am the opposite sex

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    soft spot is generally attacked by the cowards and losers - except when the attacked is the larger one.

    it's a cultural heritage.

    some men are not able to become smarter.

    the generally angry males can find a victim at home who are vulnerable of outside world (e.g. cannot survive on their own).

    just like so many mothers are talked back often by their children, so many wives are vulnerable to their husbands or partners. why do they do it? because they can.

    once a bad action becomes a habit, it can be addictive unintentionally.

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    Injustice isn't unique to women.

    I see other injustices from day to day. I don't note them though.

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    Cuz they got the power and they're not about to give it up. although thankfully, there are a *few* out there who genuinely "get it".

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    I am not that way,

    but Merry Christmas to you anyway. *~<}:-})>

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