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Why can't they do this to rescue of find lost hikers or other lost people?

Have a special siren that can be transported easily, and it blasts at like 400 decibels. You set it up in the area the lost person is, and they will know to head toward the loud siren, and when they get there, they are saved.

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    Several problems with this idea. The first, as one of the previous posters said, sound bounces. Especially in the mountains, off sides of mountains. This makes it almost impossible to figure out where exactly the sound is coming from.

    The second biggest problem is assuming the victim is able to walk, think, and move. Most times when someone gets lost, its much more than "I can't figure out where I am" Often, they have broken limbs, are hypothermic, or a multitude of other problems.

    Moral of the story is, go out with all the gear necessary to take care of yourself in the woods. Pick up a locator beacon, know how to use all your gear, and take care of yourself out there

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    The idea looks good but it has a lot of inherent problems as the previous poster suggested. Also, sound of that magnitude will be annoying, it will disturb the eco-system and it will harm the person who uses it. For your information, sound of 100 decibels are enough to make your ear's leak with blood. Then imagine sound of 400 decibels. A better idea would be a radio transmitter which can track the position of every trucker just like we do to track the activities of wild animals.

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    Sounds good to me. Maybe a helicopter can drop multiple ones that have GPS and means of communication with the rescue team.....

    Sometimes people are in such remote places, and are ill-prepared by not letting people know where they are going and when to expect them back, that it would be difficult to even find a POSSIBLE area they may be. Ive read true stories of SF and SAS soldiers walking over 180 miles over 7 days.

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    Why make them lug around a siren? They could take a locator beacon that wouldn't weigh more than a few grams. Skiers carry one in case they get buried by an avalanche.

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    It's a good idea, but it has a few wrinkles that need to be ironed out.

    How would you stop vandalism?

    How would you stop false alarms caused by weather, malfunctions, animals, etc.?

    How would you make people aware of where they are located?

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    It would be a problem in hilly or mountainous terrain because the sound would echo off the hills and it would be hard to pinpoint the direction.

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