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what is diffrence b/w candy, toffee & related items?

plz explain ..difference b/w toffee candy

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    Candy- Candy, specifically sugar candy, is a confection made from a concentrated solution of sugar in water, to which flavorings and colorants are added. Candies come in numerous colors and varieties and have a long history in popular culture.

    The Middle English word "candy" began to be used in the late 13th century, coming into English from the Old French çucre candi, derived in turn from Arabic qandi and Persian qand, "cane sugar."[1] In North America, candy is a broad category that includes candy bars, chocolates, licorice, sour candies, salty candies, tart candies, hard candies, taffies, gumdrops, marshmallows, and more.[citation needed] Vegetables, fruit, or nuts which have been glazed and coated with sugar are said to be candied.

    Outside North America, the generic English-language name for candy is sweets or confectionery (UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other Commonwealth countries). In Australia and New Zealand sweets are, in normal usage, further categorized as either chocolate or lollies (for all other non-chocolate candies).

    In North America, the UK, and Australia, the word lollipop refers specifically to sugar candy with flavoring on a stick. While not used in the generic sense of North America, the term candy is used in the UK for specific types of foods such as candy floss (cotton candy in North America and fairy floss in Australia), and certain other sugar based products such as candied fruit.

    A popular candy in Latin America is the so-called pirulín (also known as pirulí), which is a multicolor, conic-shaped hard candy of about 10 to 15 cm long, with a sharp conical or pyramidal point, with a stick in the base, and wrapped in cellophane.

    Toffee - Toffee is a confection made by caramelizing sugar or molasses (creating inverted sugar) along with butter, and occasionally flour. The mixture is heated until its temperature reaches the hard crack stage of 300 to 310 °F (149 to 154 °C). While being prepared, toffee is sometimes mixed with nuts or raisins.

    The process of making toffee involves boiling the ingredients until the mix is stiff enough to be pulled into a shape which holds and has a glossy surface. The resulting mixture will typically be poured into a shallow tray and allowed to cool to form a sheet. Different mixes, processes, and (most importantly) temperatures of toffee making will result in different textures and hardnesses, from soft and often sticky to a hard brittle material.

    A popular variant in the US is English toffee, which is a very buttery toffee often made with almonds. It is available in both chewy and hard versions. Heath bars are a type of candy made with an English toffee core. Although named English toffee it bears little resemblance to the wide range of confectionery known as toffee currently available in the UK.

    Another variant is Cinder toffee, also called honeycomb or sponge toffee, which is an aerated version with bubbles introduced by adding baking soda and vinegar while mixing. These react to form carbon dioxide, which is trapped in the highly viscous mixture. In the UK the most well known honeycomb candy is the Crunchie bar. In New Zealand this is called hokey pokey.

    A particular application of toffee is in toffee apples, which are apples on sticks which are coated with toffee. Toffee apples are similar to taffy apples and caramel apples (both names for apples which are covered in caramel).

    In the UK, toffee apples, sometimes called candy apples, are coated with brittle candy similar to boiled sweets.

    Toffee used in confectionery has many different forms and is mixed with many different ingredients. Rum & Butter Toffee, Chocolate Covered, Vanilla & Chocolate, Rum & Raisin, Honeycomb.

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    Candy is a more general term, and means a treat with sugar. Toffee is a kind of candy. There are different kinds, but to be toffee, it has to be made with butter.

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    Toffee or candy apple and what we call cotton candy are all delicious. We also have a fried dough that is to die for. As chips here are french fries think. It's all good and think at this stage of life I'd like the fries best. But, load me up with them all. yum

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    You can get Fudge

    Which is this Its kinda like toffee, but buttery and creamy rather than sticky.

    You can get toffee eclairs, which is sticky toffee with chocolate sauce in the middle.

    You can get the classic dairy toffee, which is sticky and chewy. Quite nice in my opinion, and these are the 'toffee coins' you find in quality street.

    Toffee's vary, some are chewier, some more caramelly, and some are more buttery.

    You can also get butterscotch toffee, which is like a hard boiled toffee. Werthers original do these.

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