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Who supplied the poison gas to saddam before he gassed the kurds? was it coming from US mostly?

I wonder if the reason why saddam is not going to be tried for the gassing is the main reason, as it will bring countires like the u.s and it's allies into investigation for it's them that supplied saddam to kill the kurds and the Iranians. Did Saddam used US materials to gas the Kurds? or mostly foreign? not sure.

BTW, don't cite Wikipedia please. I don't like to look that up since to me it's not reliable.

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    Article: Court Sentences Businessman for Poison Gas Sale; Man Sold 1,000 Tons Of Chemical to Iraq

    Article from:The Washington Post Article date:December 24, 2005 Author:Wendel BroereCopyrightCopyright 2009 The Washington Post. This material is published under license from the Washington Post.

    A court jailed a Dutch businessman for 15 years on Friday after finding him guilty of complicity in war crimes for selling Iraq ingredients used to carry out gas attacks, but it acquitted him of genocide charges.

    The court said Frans van Anraat, 63, supplied the raw materials knowing they would be used to make poison gas in Iraq's 1980-88 war with Iran, when Saddam Hussein was president.

    Poison gas was also used against Iraqi Kurds, including an attack on the town of Halabja in 1988.

    The judge said the attacks had been carried out with the intent to destroy the Kurdish population in Iraq and had been part

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    Saddam is dead, who tries dead men?

    To Saddam US supplies were foreign.

    It doesn't matter who supplied it, its who used it, and used it in that manner, and that's all on Saddam.

    And Saddam was hung.

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  • 9 years ago

    I think his scientists designed their own. It was a horrible WMD.

    He's dead, he cannot be tried for anything more.

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