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Is Jessica Alba tall?

I read she is 5'7", that is my height and I consider myself tall, because I am alot taller then most girls..I always thought she would have been around 5'2" or 5'3", what do you think?

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    Yes, her bio at IMDB says 5' 7". So, "tall" is relative, and opinion. I wouldn't call her tall. Tall for the ladies begins about 5' 9", and higher, IMO. On screen, she seems kind of short...or medium, maybe.

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    How Tall Is Jessica Alba

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    well i think it depends where u live...for eg 6 feet and i live in greece and im considered really tall ...but when i went to prague i was one of the shortest :/ usually a girl is considered tall when shes around1.75(dunno how tall that is in inches maybe 5'8'',but think that ur height is around 1.70 in cm) so i guess ur average

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    She's average . She's not tall but not short

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