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Michael Jordan, most overrated player in basketball history?

Before I get cursed at by Jordan bandwagons, let me tell you that I've watched all of Jordan's games from his rookie season to eventually his last retirement.

Things I've noticed people say when arguing Wilt Chamberlain as the greatest, is that he had an advantage (Only 7ft player at the time).

But, people never pay attention to Michael Jordan's competition; He had none at his position besides Dominique Wilkins whom became useless after his athleticism faded; Vince Carter.

If Michael Jordan was playing in this era of basketball where every team has at least 2 stars, he'd only average 30/5/5 similar to that of Kobe Bryant.

If MJ is seen as the best through stats, then that's wrong because Wilt had better stats -_-

MJ is seen as the best because he's SPOKEN OF daily as the best, mainly through people that played in the 90s, the weakest era of Shooting Guards outside of Jordan, EVER.

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    Forget about what fans think. Look at what his peers said

    Larry Bird - " He's God disguised as Michael Jordan"

    Magic Johnson - "Really, its just Michael and then everybody else".

    Source(s): Warriors fan for 30 years.
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    I don't think there is a 'Jordan bandwagon' since he retired several years ago.

    I disagree that he didn't have competition. Jordan started getting attention in the mid to late 80s when he was going up against two of the most competitive, skilled and intelligent players of all time - Magic and Bird. The 90s saw some of the best big men to come around - Olajuwon, Robinson, Shaq, Ewing, Malone etc. These bigs weren't enough to contain Jordan when he drove to the basket.

    Jordan also played against some of the best defensive guards - TR Dun, Michael Cooper, Alvin Robertson, Gary Payton and John Stockton. He dominated all of them.

    It is true that if we judge by stats alone, Wilt would have been better, but greatness is not just about stats. It's a combination of stats, skills, leadership and achievement. Jordan excelled in those.

    There is a reason why most sports journalists refer to him as the best. Because he is.

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    He brought all 6 Franchise Championships to the Chicago Bulls, won the Finals MVP all 6 times, NEVER lost in the Finals, in his young beginning, scored 63 points shooting better than 50% from the floor in the Playoffs versus Larry Bird's Celtics, scored 69 points in a different game, also shooting better than 50%, scored 47 points in a critical Eastern Conference Finals game versus the Pistons, maybe the toughest team he faced, averaged 31+ PPG and shot 55% in the 1991 NBA Finals versus Magic's Lakers, made 6 3-pointers in 1 half, matched up against Clyde Drexler, while holding him under 20 points, and what I think his best, scored 38 points, grabbed 7 boards, preventing the Bulls from being eliminated from the finals, WHILE SICK WITH THE FLU!!!!! (See Source #3)

    Overrated? You've gotta be kidding me...

  • Wow you're retarded & so is Kibby. Jordan played against great guards & small forwards.

    Wilkins, Drexler, Payton, Isiah, Cooper, Magic, Bird, Dr J, Grant Hill (prime), Penny Hardaway (Prime), Tim Hardaway, Stockton, Larry Jhonson, Allan Houston, Reggie Miller, Bernard King, Michael Ray, Adrian Dantley, Kevin Johnson, & etc. Should I go on? Now GTFOH!

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    Jordan is overrated because he is not the best player that ever lived and many fans and the media rate him as the best.

    You make great points and should know that Wilt played against 7'2 Kareem, 7'2 Artis Gilmore, 7'0 Elmore Smith, 6'11 Nate Thurmond, 6'10 Bill Russell, 6'9 Dave Cowens. All these players would be the best center in the NBA today.

    Jordan played in the worst era in NBA history, but also the most hyped! The media, gatorade and Nike marketed him and brainwashed people to believe he was the best ever. He was a great player but not the greatest.

    I saw Wilt play and I saw Jordan play, it really was not even close. Wilt was the greatest rebounder of all time at 23 per game.(Jordan had 6) Wilt was the greatest scorer at 50.4 per game for a season.(Jordan had 37)

    Wilt was faster than Jordan up and down the floor, Wilt had a better vertical than Jordan, and Wilt was a better defender than Jordan.

    Kibby thinks Wilt was overrated cause Kibby did'nt see Wilt play. Wilt was a genetic marvel. 7'1 with a 50 inch vertical, the biggest man on the court but also the fastest, strongest with the stamina to play the entire game.

    I have been a basketball fan since 1960 and have seen all the greats. These are the players that were better than Jordan.





    Bill Russell




    Magic is close

    Lebron is ahead at 25

    Jordan is Overrated!

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    Ok, then to your logic, Larry Bird is ****, Magic Johnson, Clyde Drexler, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Karl Malone, and alot of others. We might as well just say who is the best of they're era.

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    MJ is good for Markting thats the reason he is the Best ,also he made that movie with bugs bunny ,space jam

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    Jordan is perfectly rated as the best

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    He drove in the lane against really tough big man but other than that you're right

  • Overrated?




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