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what is the best AIRSOFT brand?

.what's the best airsoft brand out there?

'like for AEG's and AEP's or even GAS rifles..

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    for AEG's, the best brands out there is listed below:

    #1 Systema PTW (Personal Training Weapon). They are the best in the business, especially because the military and police use it for training.

    #2 KWA. They have extremely good gearboxes, are built to shoot a Li-Po, and practically don't need any upgrades whatsoever (6.01mm barrel will be nice).

    #3 Tokyo Marui. They make so many AEG's and most brands are clones of Tokyo Marui

    For Gas Rifles:

    #1/#2: Probably either KWA or Inokatsu. KWA has developed an M4 rifle with recoil more than a .22 Caliber (Or so I hear). This rifle is a GBB KWA LM4. Inokatsu, on the other hand, has made an m4 that has as much recoil as a 9mm. This particular model is so realistic, Redwolf Airsoft gave them to Military contracters and they couldn't tell the difference from the Airsoft from the Real-steel one.

    Source(s): I Airsoft, Have tech experience, seen all sorts of guns, Heard amazing things about companies listed above
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  • 6 years ago

    If money is no limit to you, I would recommend a polar star set up. Polar star makes the best gun due to adaptability that they have, say you want an airsoft gun capable of pushing forty rounds a second at 380 fps? Polarstar can do that, Oh whats that you want instant trigger response? Polar star, faster than a lipo with a mosfet. However a polar star set up brand new can run about $900 including air tank, air rig, and gun itself, used can be about six hundred or lower if you are lucky. Otherwise best brands around are VFC G&P Tokyo Tokyo Marui KWA G&G.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    UHC AK47 Mini Electric Airsoft Gun

    This is the new and exciting Electric Mini AK47 Airsoft Gun. This is the perfect gun for the beginner. With a high precision grinding aluminum barrel it makes shooting accurate and steady to over 20 meters.


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  • 9 years ago

    KWA, G&G, Tokyo Marui.

    Source(s): 7 years airsoft experience.
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