Whats the full meaning of Drama?

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    part of speech: noun

    definition 1: a theatrical work, esp. one that is serious rather than primarily comedic in nature; play.

    Her first drama is now being produced at the New Art Theater.


    performance, play, show

    similar words:

    piece, theatrical

    definition 2: the process or art of producing or writing plays.

    His interest in drama led him to a career in the theater.


    dramaturgy, stagecraft, theatrics

    similar words:

    mise en scène, production, show business, theater

    definition 3: a situation or series of events marked by emotional conflict or turmoil and capable of arousing emotions in others who witness these events.

    The drama of his political downfall made for popular reading in the newspapers.

    The critics claimed that the new television series lacked drama.



    similar words:

    pageant, saga, sensation, show, spectacle, theatrics

    definition 4: a television show or film that is serious in nature and depicts emotionally-charged situations using fictional characters. (Cf. comedy.)

    A new hospital drama premieres this Friday on cable.



    similar words:


    related words: art, dialogue, tragedy

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    art, film, literature, theater

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