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best 750 kw a month windmill?

I'm looking for an affordable windmill that will power my house.it(my house)uses more than 3000 kw(monthly).i would like to fully eliminate these costs with a total of 6 windmills.that would mean each turbine would have to produce 500 kw monthly.any suggestions. (plus ten for best answer)


im asking for a brand please

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    Windspire looks good, or rather since it is supposedly fairly quite, it sounds good.

    First link is to a list of manufactures of small and micro turbines.

    The 2nd is to Windspire to get a site survey and quote.

    More than 3000 kw monthly? If that is 3,000 kwh per month that is 3 megawatts. That is a bit more than a house should use in a month. Your biggest bang for the buck may be to do an energy audit.

    Choice of type and size of wind turbine depends on they type and amount of wind you get. Slow and steady or gusty may make a difference. Look at the NREL sites to find out wind info on your area.

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    That question would have more to do with the wind in your area and how many hours per day it blows strong enough to run the wind turbine?

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    yes, you have to plant 6 windmill with capacity 500kw

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