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Best Tom Clancy novels?

I'm trying to get into the e-book thing with iBooks for the iPhone 4, and I wanted to know what books I should buy by Tom Clancy. Never read his work before. I'm interested in U.S. military novels and modern warfare (Cold War at the earliest).

Would you also recommend any other authors?

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    Unfortunately, the last two novels by Tom Clancy must have been paid by the pound, not by the story. He filled them up with descriptions of people and things totally irrelevant to the story. Such as two pages describing one of the characters secretary and she is never mentioned again in the novel. The early Novels were of much better quality.

    To follow the life and career of his characters, Start with Red Rabbit. It goes back to the cold war and tells you the origins of the characters in most of the other novels. Next read The Hunt for Red October, (Cold war era) & Red Storm Rising (also Cold War Era), The rest are modern times and you should be able to relate to them. Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, Sum of all Fears, Without Remorse, Debt of Honor which forecast the use of commercial airliners as fuel bombs to attack the US, Executive Orders, The Bear and the Tiger and the Teeth of the Tiger.

    There are two other novels but read them only if you run out of reading material. They were not the best novels. One is Cardinal of the Kremlin based during the cold war, and the other is Rainbow Six which was co-authored by someone other than Clancy and a whole series of paper backs was sprung off by the Co-author. You will be able to tell the paper backs are not Clancy's work despite having his name..

    I have just purchased Clancy's most recent novel, "Dead or Alive", so I don't know if it is any good.

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    I really enjoyed Rainbow Six, its an exciting book with a lot of different characters and settings. Clancy's writing can be a bit cliched at times but definitely fun to read.

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