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Is terminating pregnancies part of a utopian society?

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    I wouldn't put it that way. I'd put it this way:

    Any society that claims to be free will not participate in the subjugation of women. Women's sovereignty over their own bodies and reproductive power, and their right to privacy is non-negotiable. To pretend otherwise is to deny freedom, peace and justice to half our population.

    Outlawing abortion would not reduce it. I remember how things were before Roe v Wade, with young girls seeking only each other's counsel; drinking enough poison to be lucky to live through it (some didn’t); using coat hangers (some did irreparable harm and some bled to death); and using back alley butchers (many died, more were permanently sterilized). I saw it up close and personal with my teenage friends. Had you seen it, you would never, ever want to return to those horrible times. Those abortions were never counted in any statistics.

    Today it is far better because women can get not only quality medical care, but quality counseling.

    The US ranks 30th in the world for percent of known pregnancies ending in legal abortions. Greenland ranks #1.

    This 2010 poll found 55% of Republicans backed abortion rights.

    If Republicans are so against abortion, why did the red state of South Dakota vote to keep abortions legal?

    Low Income Women Can't Get Abortions, but RNC Staffers Can

    60% of all abortions are performed on white women.

    52% of abortions occur before the 9th week of pregnancy

    Only 1% of abortions happen after the 20th week of pregnancy

    Who is getting abortions by religion?

    Protestants = 37.4% of all abortions in the U.S.

    Catholics = 31.3%

    Women with no religious affiliation = 23.7

    Born Again/Evangelicals = 18%

    Jews = 1.3%

    Who is getting abortions by income?

    Family incomes less than $15,000 = 28.7% of all abortions

    Family incomes between $15,000 and $29,999 = 19.5%

    Family incomes between $30,000 and $59,999 = 38.0%

    Family incomes over $60,000 = 13.8%

    We should work to reduce abortion through education, contraception, and especially by fighting poverty which is one of the key reasons women have abortions. About 60 percent of abortions are women who have at least one child; one-third have two or more. Many women say they act in the interests of children they already have. The stereotype is that the decision is made lightly. It is not.


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    Yes. Because I don't think forced birth or women bleeding to death from botched abortions is part of a utopian society.

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    No. There is no such thing as a utopian society. We're human.

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    Depends of what your idea of Utopia happens to be..The Libs idea anything that is against nature or god or any basic moral is utopia. So yeah for a lib that is definitely part.

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    If everything is perfect, everyone is happy, no one is upset, then no one would even want to terminate pregnancies.

    Utopias... don't exist, never will. Closest thing to them is a Capitalist Republic.

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    No its part of a tragic society pretending to be civilized.

    Guess how many women died in 1972 from illegal abortions with coat hangers? 39, in total, why is it that abortionists use 39 lives a year to justify killing over a 1.37 million babies a year?

  • Yes, eugenics was popular among regressives(progressives).

    Source(s): Margaret Sanger
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    You have seen nothing yet ,and this is much farther Left than mere "Liberal". You would be talking China's bizarre interpretaiton of Communism, I intuit.I am a Liberal and I HATE COMMUNISM.I am indeed a Nazi Liberal.

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    Only if it involved Republicans /Conservatives .

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    Yes, less mouths to feed, less screaming kids, and less poopy diapers.

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