Can you name an example of smaller government?

People talk all the time about smaller government. Are there any successful modern countries that have a "smaller" government? Can you name one?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I wouldn't be able to tell you of any, but in my opinion, smaller government that some here in U.S. wish for, would probably be really easy to create, simply by eliminating many hundreds of agencies which have sprung up in the last two decades or so. For years I kept hearing same talk about bigger government, endless bureaucracy, etc. and it finally dawned on me when I noticed seniors in my family receiving correspondence from agencies which were duplicating exact same notices as Social Security and Children's & Families.

    I cannot recall the agency right now, but clearly remember their emblem. Information these seniors were getting was clearly able to be sent through Social Security; after all Social Security was already informing them of same thing.

    Also, it is quite clear and absolutely no secret that, aside from great corruption and/ or disastrous administration from local governments_lately some of them being, Miami, Florida, Chicago, and a few in California to name a few_there are many more government employees than there is real work for each. I have personally seen repeatedly three and four people to a counter, whether it is simply an information counter or a security post at the smallest and least crowded buildings.

    Most of the time it only creates confusion for the public because they do not even know to which employee direct themselves. And basically the public places their belongings to be X-rayed while a second employee might use the electronic manual apparatus to check the person all over, while I really don't have a clue as to what the third and fourth do because they just stand around. And further down you will still encounter a fifth and even sixth employee who basically answer questions as to where to fnd a payphone, bathroom, or government office inside the building, when this could well be achieved by placing signs!

    Up to a certain point I can understand this being done to a measure in smaller cities_since afterall government is biggest job creator, whether the jobs it creates provide fruitful results or not_ simply because those cities would be shut down by now and turned to ghost towns, lacking as they are the many industries that have fled overseas.

    I have personally seen the above in quite a few cities, and believe that real job creation could be implemented in other ways and directed more towards the medicine industry, especially since so many hospitals are having great financial difficulties. That, toppled with increased college tuition in developed countries, will probably create a bigger crisis for the public because there'll be less doctors in near future. I also know for a fact that about 50% of doctors in U.S. are foreigners, and of course I don't mean they have been born here to non-American parents, I clearly mean doctors born and graduated in other countries who have come to work here. I personally witnessed this in at least 8 hospitals in four different states having spent months in different places caring for extremely ill persons in my family who required round the clock care.

    By the way, the "counter", thing I have also seen at hospitals; one of them being a local one which now is in dire problems and has had to fire over 400 people. And by the way this hospital was blessed with state funds forever, except that now even local commissioners are swearing they will not give them one cent because of interminable problems with funds administrations, unions, etc., the previous governor being the first to be privy of such situations and frankly not "too justifiably and due to political vengence" cutting at least $20 millions before leaving office round six years ago.

    This is my understanding of "big government" and I believe it will always happen, I guess because money is still very much worth.

    Inflation, crisis, depression-era similarities, bailouts, bank floundering, etc., really does not cause the catastrophes it would, simply because government will keep printing money, precisely to "pay" the millions of government employees who sometimes are noticeably bored because they have nothing to do. This is the way America keeps its economy growing whether it limps on one leg or not.

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