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Pokemon Explorers of time wondermail codes for golden seeds?

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    Here they are, all at Mt. Bristle

    Mt. Bristle 1st floor

    -S&T S4TY 5#1J

    1TRQ M&36 9=07

    Mt. Bristle 2nd floor

    QY=Q WK8X 501-

    8C1W TR9% -K9C

    Mt. Bristle 3rd floor

    F#W3 PFXY P%MT

    YS== T1-N &XX3

    Mt. Bristle 4th floor

    S-P0 3950 -&XN

    FSH% P3%+ HQ6H

    Mt. Bristle 5th floor

    %2#1 3N5Q W67#

    Q&66 =Y7- 5HYM

    Mt. Bristle 6th floor

    7C+5 PJTT +066

    M#HP 88#R PQ@H

    Mt. Bristle 7th floor

    WHSS HS6M J1+P


    Mt. Bristle 8th floor

    4K7& 6J@- 7&4%

    TT77 9JHY 12W4

    Same place, different codes

    1st floor

    =Y6W W091 N33F

    TS2S FN4R N83&

    2nd floor

    +069 TS-1 M20R

    40S9 Y75Q MM0H

    3rd floor

    T6R% PKT= T8QS

    9&9% =8QX -NXT

    4th floor

    300T #-NS K@65

    X7F- #8TP P#F9

    5th floor

    X#9# W7R3 WFJX

    +NHS 9K=# WJ&F

    6th floor

    TF-H K898 -88S

    70YR 3YXR C2R1

    7th floor

    CJ%= 8%7H HFFM

    =0JY P080 7T29

    8th floor(finally)

    &@NQ 1R@6 96WY

    26@N @#65 #6CJ

    Hope this helps!

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    Pokemon Explorers of time wondermail codes for golden seeds?

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    Here is a wonder mail code for Torchic! P496Q M-TF3NX C=62R 1RN@3 8-X7NQ5 %3C%- Hope you are happy:)

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