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Why is the U. S. favouring Pakistan so much?

China is the next emerging threat to the american supremacy. China's closeness with Pakistan has been well known. Why is US still favouring Pakistan and not choosing India instead as anti China bet?

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    Pakistan is a nuclear rogue state whos economy is always on the brink of collapse. Its not that the US likes Pakistan, Pakistan just manages to milk the money out of the US by blackmailing it. Pakistan has had a history of proliferation. It tried to sell nuclear technology to countries like NK and Libya. If their economy is about to collapse the first thing they are going to do is sell their nuclear weapons. Some of those might land up wit alquida is what scares the US.

    other then that pakistan also happens to be in the right place at the right time. Here are some of the other reasons the US supports and aids Pakistan economically

    1) Pakistan is too big a country, so a military response is unthinkable! at a population of 170 million its roughly 6 times the size of Afghanistan. So imagine the US casualties 6 folds higher then in Afghanistan, I dont think the govt would wanna venture there. conventional military can be overthrown in days but to occupy such a country, which as a matter of fact is more hostile towards the Americans then even Afghanistan, would be disasterous!

    2) China factor: China uses Pakistan as a balencing force to India, any void created by the americans and an american misadventure, will be surely exploited by the chinese to increase its sphere of influence in that region

    3) Oil corridor : surely the oil in the middle east is gonna run out in our lifetime, so the only source of untapped oil lies in central asia and there are 4 power hungry countries namely America, Russia, China and India competing for it. For America (considering Iran is hostile) the only way out is through Afghanistan and Pakistan

    4) war in Afghanistan: the US is in Afghanistan, and cant withdraw and the only way again to support US troops is through Pakistan unless there is a regime change in Iran

    5) Weapons sales : and we could give free weapons to Pakistan (which cannot afford them) but we could always charge India for buying weapons to defend itself against Pak

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    USA wants to establish watch point at Pakistan over the activities of China and India as they apprehend these countries to be leading the world in future.It also favours India as well as Pakistan for the same reason.Since Pakistan has lost its economy as well as its governance over the country so as to give chance to create a base in Pakistan for the purpose.That is why USA favours Pakistan so much.

    Bijay Krishna Pandey,Gorakhpur(India)

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    India is doing well and pakistan might well be a useful tool to manipulate the chinese the indians and whatever happens in afganistan

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    Your premise is false. The US is not favoring Pakistan "so much". Why do you think intelligent foreign policy is based on confrontation?

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    Because Pakistan is our current pet savage is this fight we're in against other savages.

    Sooner or later they will screw us over, then we'll need a new pet savage.

    Maybe then it'll be India's turn....

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    10 years ago

    to change pakistan behaviour like india.

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