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What accent mark should I use?

I am in the process of creating a language where all of my vowels, excluding the letter 'u', has at least two accents. (the only letter that isn't a vowel that uses an accent mark is ñ)

The letter I'm having problems with is 'a'. I use á for most of my A's but I need an accent mark that makes an 'uh' sound since I don't really want to use an accent mark for the 'u'?

So, what accent mark should I use to make an 'a' sound like 'uh'?


Well, I use the 'ñ' because I want my language to sound like a romance language as much as possible and I know that the ˜ accent mark is used in romance languages such as Portuguese and Spanish.

I also want it to have a unique sound at the same time like French.

Update 2:

@Mary: okay, when I say 'accent mark' I mean any letter that has a symbol connected to it which changes the way it sounds when coming out of a persons mouth, 'n' and 'ñ' do not sound the same when coming from a persons mouth thus in my definition of things a ˜ is an accent mark.

If you didn't notice, I didn't say "vowels has", I said "vowels, excluding the letter 'u', has" and it doesn't sound like a made some HUGE mistake there so yea. And about the A's vs. As thing, I've always seen the alphabet written as ABC's not ABCs, which even the spell check is telling me that ABCs is incorrect so your wrong on the note.

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    The sound that you are describing is called a schwa [ex. the a in India], which is represented as [ə] in the International Phonetic Alphabet. There is also a longer vowel with similar phonological properties represented as [ɐ].

    I would recommend ă if you want a diacritic with a to represent a schwa. This diacritic (accent mark) is called a breve, and is generally used to indicate a short vowel, making it the opposite of a macron (ā). Some languages, like Hindi, contrast [ə] with the "long a" sound [a:]. In essence, a "short a" (ă) is a schwa in Hindi.

    I'd also recommend an e with a diaeresis (ë) which is used to represent a schwa in Albanian.

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    Well, we don't know which marks you've used already, but maybe "à" and use "á" for ay?

    à in French is more like "ah" so that is my reasoning.

    I'm confused about why you used that ñ character? I used to have a similar project going, so I understand, but any specific reason why you chose that letter?

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    well, accent marks are ` and ´ .

    There are no accents that go over an N.

    A tilde is NOT an accent.

    It might help you to first learn English, before you go creating a new language.

    A language where all the vowels has ...? Vowels is plural. all vowels HAVE. (of course, you can change that rule in YOUR language, but in English, that's how it works).

    Also, one must NEVER use an apostrophe (again, in English) to make a noun plural. As, not A's.

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