preferred names, nicknames, legal names.?

i know someone whose legal name is Jeanne.

She pronounces it as 'Jenny'.

We all call her 'Jenny', until we heard some of her new friends call her 'Jean'.

so would you say her legal name is Jeanne (pronounced 'Jenny') and her preferred name/nick name is 'Jean' spelled Jeanne ?? or her legal name is Jeanne (pronounced 'Jean') and her nick name is Jeanne (pronounced 'Jenny') OR her nickname is spelled as just Jenny? lol confusing ehhhh. but her MAIN pronunciation is 'Jenny' since thats what her whole family calls her.

she often spells it as Jeanne for both pronunciations (also because almost everyone knows her name as this spelling), and sometimes as Jenny just to reduce the confusion and when she only wants to be called Jenny.

any advice for her? its so confusing when i hear her other friends call her Jean, when all my life i knew of her as a Jenny

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  • 9 years ago
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    to me that name is jean and shouldnt be mucked around with with jenny. perhaps just write jenny everywhere except on legal documents because you cant blame others for prononcing it the normal way.. or get it changed legally if she like jenny spelling better. odd question :P

  • 4 years ago

    My first name.

  • too much to read. im very confused. just let her be called whatever.


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