How to configure Wireless access point?

I have four cisco 1250 access point in my office located in four different floors. The WEP key is same for all of the access point. But the names are different like floor_1, floor_2 and so on.

The problem is whenever a user goes to 1st floor to 2nd floor the user got disconnected and need to reconnect to get internet service or LAN service.

I would like to configure all these access point as a single unit with a unique name and WEP key so that wherever the user goes he/she will not be disconnected any more and need not to reconnect again and again.

How to do that????

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    All Access Points should support "Inter-Access Point Protocol" (802.11F) standard. As a result, all you have to do is:

    1) Name all of the SSIDs of the Access Points the same (don't use different names)

    2) Make sure that all of the Access Points can communicate with each other over the Ethernet connection (backhaul). There cannot be any firewalls on the WIRED network between the Access Points.

    3) Make sure that the type of authentication (WEP, WPA, WPA2) is the same with the same key or passphrase on each Access Point

    4) Use different channels channels (in the US 1,6, and 11) on each Access Point.

    If all of these things are in place, the 802.11F implementation will automatically handle automatic authentication and association with the Access Points as people move through the building.

    Note that if the person enters an elevator to go from floor to floor, they will most certainly lose their connection no matter what. Elevators are very good at shielding radio waves.

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    If this link does not help contact the router manufacturers customer support and ask.

    How to setup Multiple Wireless Routers:

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