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which of the catholic priest groups are the most liberal?

There are Dominicans, Jesuits, Franciscan, these are the ones I'm familiar with, and I'd like to know more about their ideas, how liberal they are etc.

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    Jesuits and Franciscans. The Jesuits are the most extremist. They even have the Black Pope, which is not really official. Whoever is the First Among Equals or Superior General of the Society of Jesus withing their ranks is the Black Pope. A Church Pope once suppressed the Order, which in other words means that the order was kind of "laid off" for a while. They were "allowed" back into the Church some 40 years later. They also help with the Franciscans Theology of Liberation, which is a semi-comunist theological teaching. Throughout Latin America the Jesuits actually do more for the Theology of Liberation even more than the Franciscans do.

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    Roman Catholics.

    Source(s): Orthodox Christian. Orthodox are also Catholics...just not Roman.
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    Catholic ones.............

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