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What makes the Bears worse than the rest of the playoff contenders in the NFC?

I'm saying this because almost everyone expects them to be one and done in the playoffs because of a few reasons. People keep saying that they have only beat 2 good teams (Eagles, Packers), barely beat bad teams (Lions, Bills), have an easy schedule, and have gotten lucky several times. Has anyone been watching football or what? Lets take a look at the rest of the playoff teams in the NFC who are expected to dominate the Bears in the playoffs, and even some AFC teams.

New York Giants: They are 9-5, they have 2 wins against teams with winning records, and those are against the Bears and the Jaguars. Besides those wins, what makes them so much better than the Bears. They got beat down by the Titans and the Colts and got swept by the Eagles, whom the Bears beat. They also barely beat the Cowboys the first time, barely beat the Lions at home, and got upset by a Cowboys team that was embarrassed by the Packers 45-7 just a weak before.

Philadelphia Eagles: No denying that they're a good team, they've beaten several good teams including the Colts, Jaguars, Giants, and Falcons. But are they flawless? I doubt it, they got beat down by the Titans, lost to the same Redskins team at home that they beat down a few weeks later, barely beat "bad" teams like the Lions, 49ers, and Cowboys. Most importantly, they lost to the Bears, and that too pretty badly. The final score was 31-26, but heading into the third quarter, the Bears led 31-13 before settling down in the 4th quarter and allowing a late rally by Michael Vick including a relatively miraculous touchdown pass from Vick to Brent Celek, who somehow found the ball in between 3 defenders. Still, the Eagles are considered legit Superbowl contenders but the Bears are not?

Green Bay Packers: The Packers are a good football team, and I don't disagree that they likely would have won the division if they were healthy, but part of being a good team is keeping your players healthy. Average teams suffer few injuries each week, but the Packers have too many, and that poses a question as to the durability of the team. Anyway, the Packers have nearly the exact same schedule as the Bears and have caught several breaks as well. They were fortunate to play the Eagles before Michael Vick was settled as their quarterback, they played the Bills before they got Ryan Fitzpatrick and developed spoiler potential, they played the Cowboys and Vikings at their worst, and they barely avoided losing to the Lions at home, winning by 2 points, and the Vikings at home, losing by 4 mainly because of a touchdown pass in the final minute being ruled incomplete. Overall, they didn't win the division and may not even make the playoffs, and even if they do, I don't think they're THAT much better than the Bears.

Falcons and Saints: Alright gonna try to make this short. Both teams are obviously really good and would likely beat the Bears, but there's no way of knowing till they play in the playoffs. Both teams have much easier schedules than the Bears by far, playing only the lowly NFC West, whom even the Lions could likely sweep, the AFC North, with 2 playoff contenders and 2 bad teams, and each other. The Saints only wins against winning teams are against the Steelers and the Buccaneers, the Bucs being nothing more than an average team that has a winning record because of an easy schedule. They lost to Cardinals and Browns, two bad teams, and barely beat the Vikings, 49ers, Panthers, Cowboys, and Bengals, all losing teams. The Falcons have been on a roll, but they too have only have impressive wins against the Ravens, Packers, and Saints. They barely beat the Buccaneers, who are decent but not as good as their record, twice, and also barely beat the Bengals and 49ers. Yeah that wasn't short sorry.

Lets take a look at some AFC teams really quick: Patriots got crushed by the Browns, but other than that have been excellent. The Jets have only beat the Patriots and Steelers, and nearly lost to the Vikings, Broncos, Lions, and Browns. Steelers nearly lost to the Bills and Dolphins and their only impressive wins come against the Ravens and Falcons. Ravens have only beat the Jets, Steelers, and Saints and nearly lost to the Bills and Browns. I could go on but it's a waste of time typing this since I doubt anyone will read this, but I appreciate it if you do.

My point is, if anything, the NFL is just incredibly average this year, meaning anyone has a shot in the playoffs. If you actually did read this, answer my question and tell me what makes the Bears worse than the rest of the playoff teams in the NFC?


Patriots are not in the NFC, the only reason I mentioned that is to show that every team has its flaws. They did very well crush the Bears, but the Bears won't have to play a team as good as the Patriots unless they make it to the Super Bowl.

Update 2:

Condense it into 3 sentences? Okay so basically every playoff contender in the NFC has their flaws and the excuses that people make for the Bears being overrated apply to these teams to. If you read it, I explained why other teams have also been relatively average, just like the Bears, and my question is why are the Bears still worse.

Update 3:

I agree that it's no joke that their offensive line is one of the worst in the NFL, but the fact is that they are still capable of winning games even when their offensive line doesn't perform. And either way, the offensive line has improved from being terrible to slightly below average since the bye week.

Update 4:

@Jennifer: Best answer yet, one that I can agree with. I'll agree that I'm definitely concerned if the Bears can handle the pressure once in the playoffs. The next two games will hopefully tell if they are ready.

Update 5:

@Sam: Exactly. How many good football teams HAVEN'T nearly lost to the Lions this year? The Lions could easily take on the entire NFC West, they are better than ever this year and I for one am no longer taking them for granted.

Update 6:

LOL @ Jake I don't think anyone will ever take someone as biased as you seriously.

Update 7:

Seriously? Are you really going to lie now? I remember I heard you pick the Lions to go at least 9-7 thise year. After they beat the Redskins, you claimed that they would take over the NFC North. Every week you claim that the Lions are going to destroy the team they play, and you continue to claim the Bears suck using stupid reasons. And it's not just the Lions, its the Giants too. What makes you think the Giants can win the Super Bowl? If you read my paragraph about the Giants, they have been nothing better than an average NFL team as well. Who have they beat? They could barely beat the Bears without taking Jay Cutler out and they barely beat the Jaguars as well. Keep dreaming and being a biased moron. I have always been realistic about the Bears, I picked them to go 8-8 this year.

Update 8:

@Sam - Yeah maybe it might have been, but you've at least been more realistic. You've mentioned that the Lions aren't flawless and that there's a reason they've been losing, because they can't play well all four quarters, unlike some of the other Lions fans that do nothing but whine about the Lions losing because of the refs. In any case, I'd much rather hear a relatively unbiased and realistic answer from you than someone as delusional as Jake doesn't have the common sense to defend his opinion using facts.

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    Because no one expected the Bears (good or bad) to be in the playoffs. They just played the schedule presented to them and it is what it is.

    The playoffs are a new season - Bears and others have two games in the regular season. Anything can still happen in preparing for the playoffs (positive and negative).

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    The Bears are not a good team! Get that through your head! They WILL get killed in the first round!

    Edit: Biased? Preaseson I said Lions win 7, and the Giants and Ravens play in the Super Bowl. It's not biased, the bears played 1 good game against the eagles, and thats it. It took them two horrible calls to beat the Lions. In no way are they a "good team." Call me biased if you want, I call it being a fan. I know that term isn't used often in Chicago, unless there winning.

    Edit2: After the Red Skins game they were 2-5. I still had them losing to NE, GB, and the Jets. So at best I had them at 8-8, and at that time I thought the Packers would win 11 games, so even if I did have them at 9-7, they still wouldn't be able to overtake the Packers for the North.

    And the Giants are my Super Bowl pick. They have been for 3 straight years, I just think there a good team, with a very good defense. People like you will never see that the Bears aren't a good team until they get destroyed in the first round. So talk to me than.

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    What makes them worse? Absolutely nothing. I guarantee you if you hadn't been spotted that one game against the Lions, the Bears would have still won the division. And would have a hell of a lot more respect.

    EDIT: I'm bitter about week 1, but the fact is that anyone who makes the playoffs can beat anyone else who does. Look at Arizona a couple years ago. Look at the 4-10 Lions nearly beating the Bears twice, beating the Bucs, beating the Packers, and blowing out the Rams. Look at Buffalo nearly beating Pittsburgh and Baltimore. The latter two teams I mentioned are bottom feeders who have competed against the best. If they can do it, then what's to stop the best from competing among the best?

    @Kip F- Are you freaking retarded? Aaron Rodgers went out, but he was shut down before he did. And the Lions were starting their THIRD STRING QB.

    @Jeff Toews- Actually that was me every week bragging about destroying whomever the Lions were playing that week.

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    it's not so much about the close wins against bad teams, the close losses, or even the blow outs..

    it also comes down to experience in the spotlight. anyone can beat up in the bills when they are having a bad day, and sure cleveland can fluke off a win in the proverbial trap game..

    but play offs is prime time. it's about having all star players making key plays at critical moments in the game.

    they weren't even in the same league as the pats last week. let's see what they can do against the jets and pack. win those two games convincingly, and i will be much more sold.

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    I don't think the bears will make it because they suck against really tough teams and against the patroits they showed that. They verse teams when there weak and they get lucky so there is no way they will be able to compete with the falcons or the saints and the bears are so overrated to but like i said before you see them verse a tough team and they get raped which makes them worse than the other teams in the nfc. Pretty much they don't stand a chance.

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    You ask us if were watching football..!!!! Are you?? Packers catching breaks thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard.

    1st loss stripped by bears last second fg

    2nd loss redskins win in ot on fg

    3rd loss lose to dolphins on fg in ot

    4th loss lose to falcons as time expires

    5th lose to lions rodgers knocked out concussion

    6th lose to pats by 4 tertible clock managent no rodgers

    And a list tht goes on and on on injuries. No durability i didnt know torn acls in the first week in first half had anything to do with durability but here we go....,

    Ryan grant-1200+ yards past 3 seasons

    Jermichael finely-biggest mismatch in nfl

    Nick barnett

    Brad jones

    Morgan burnett

    Al harris

    Atari bigby

    Woodson-nagging turf toe all year

    Matthews-hamstring missed 2 games

    Rodgers-concussion bassically 2 games

  • Well i read a little bit if this but... I think the bears have a good chance this year. With hester having the record now, no one is going to kick to him. They'll have to avoid him and give us good field position. Our receivers are looking really good. Cutler is looking good too! We just need the run to do a bit better. The Defense is doing great. How bout that hit on Favre last night? Awesome right???? Well... hope the bears win it all this year. GO BEARS!

    Source(s): True Bear Fan. :)
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    Bears aren't gonna make it to the SB, but IMO they're the most underrated team right now, aaaalllll season everyone has been saying their record doesn't show how good they are, but they've been proving those people wrong. They're a good team but they need some WR's. Next year will be a good year for them.

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    you cant bring the patriots into the picture when they absolutely destroyed the bears IN CHICAGO!

    The Bears dont match the Falcons Giants and Eagles, maybe not even the Packers

  • 10 years ago

    I believe the bears can take it this year and F**K the answer above he is full of Sh*t Bears havent had a shot at falcons or saints yet and the pats well every team has at least one bad game so BEARS AGAINST PATS LIKE IN 85 SAME RESULT

    Source(s): BEARS FOR LIFE
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