Is flying a confederate flag un-patriot like?

I know the confederate flag represents the South and the stars and stripes and all. I'm not saying its racist, i mean heck, i love it. I live in NC and i will proudly show the flag but I LOVE my country. I'm joining the Army after school and fighting for the US. But my question is, isnt the confederate flag representing the United States? Because when i see the two flown next to each other, i wonder why? Didn't the US flag take the confederates place?


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  • 9 years ago
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    The Confederate flag is anti-American. Those traitors took up arms against the United States. They should have been hanged for treason.

    • samuel5 years agoReport

      2nd, and 3rd amendment. He swore to uphold the constitution and destroyed it. He is the real traitor as well as all who dare to defend him

  • 9 years ago

    The Confederate flag that is commonly flown was not the flag of the Confederacy, if anyone looked at history they should know that. It's surprising that they regard the Confederate flag as offensive and not the American flag.

    The flag often referred to was nothing more than a war flag so armies could tell one another apart. It was never used in the "south" prior to that.

    Yes, it represents a part of American history, no different than the colony flag or any other historic flag. You can't forget that slavery in America started in the Northern Colonies. Or that Union states were allowed to have slaves. As a matter of fact, those Union states kept slaves until 1865, after the Civil War had ended. So, they freed slaves only to segregate them around a decade later. So, in truth, the American flag would be a symbol of oppression, not just a regional flag.

    But, there's so much propaganda and so few who see with logic and not raging emotion, it's a losing battle.

    Edit: @ The Intellectual- There has been no genocide in America and to compare the two says much about your lack of awareness. They weren't exterminated. Slavery was an oppressive institution, and no where did I say it wasn't, and one practiced not only by America, but also by Europe. It was initiated by the Spanish. If you actually think a regional flag symbolizes a practice maintained by an entire nation (and much of the civilized world), think again. If you don't like the flag, don't fly it. But, put the blame where it lies. The American flag would be the oppressive symbol.

    Equating it to an Al-Queda flag is equally laughable. Do you have any idea why the states left the union? Here's a hint, it's called "taxation." Those issues started in the 1820s. Why on earth would one country attack another over a practice that was allowed? As I said, Union states had slaves until after the Civil War ended. States' rights was the reason for the conflict.

    Yes, the flag does represent a war during America's history. A war that claimed the lives of millions of Americans.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes, it is.

    The Confederacy was a secession from the USA, they wanted to destroy the USA. Flying a Confederate flag is like flying an Al-Queda flag.

    The Confederate flag doesn't represent the USA. It represents the Confederacy

    @ Josey Wales:

    Flying the Confederate flag shouldn't and isn't be a symbol of respect to those who died in the Civil War.

    @ LauraWrites

    So I guess flying the Nazi flag in Germany shouldn't be considered offensive because it's part of their history? And yes the Confederate flag was used to tell the difference between Northern troops and Southern troops - Do you know why? Because the Confederate flag represents the Confederate States of America.

    - Once again, you re-iterated you're approval of flying a flag, even if it's offensive simply because it's part of history and it claimed lives. So, what's wrong with flying a Nazi flag, with that method of thinking.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Man Talk about some people having selective memories

    Not only was the flag out treason proudly waved by Johnny Reb during the Civil War But it was also proudly waved by the descendants of Johnny Reb almost a century later during the Civil Rights Movement.

    The reason that it was waved on both occasions was that poor white southern boys were having more than a little difficulty coming to grips with the idea that the Black man could be one day be higher up on the American totem pole than they were.

    From southern white boy POV the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement were really fought to insure that the lowest white man would always be higher on the southern social ladder than the highest Black man

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It is very ANTI - AMERICAN!

    During the civil war the south left America and started there own country ( the confederation ) and that was there Flag. It's like saluting a Flag from another country, you just don't do that!

    Southern Rebels fought under that flag and killed thousands of Americans ( The North, cause we Northerners are not traitors to America )

    It's like flying the Nazi flag, YOU JUST DON'T DO IT!

    And I am ashamed that you would fly a flag that was used for a country that killed hundreds of thousands of Americans!


    Take down that disgraceful flag! you American hating Southerner

  • 5 years ago

    Damn all of you who dare call that flag "in-patriotic" to hell. The South seceded. They upheld the sacred American ideal of sovereignty. That's who this damn Union was founded in the first place. Abraham Lincoln was the traitor. His war was illegal, his declaration of martial law was fascist, he continuously violated the 1st 2nd, and 5th amendment of the constitution that he swore to uphold, he committed countless war crimes that are intolerable, he stole people's land, lives, and destroyed families. He was a tyrant. And all tyrants deserve death. In conclusion the Southerners were the real patriots and Lincoln was the tyrant and the dictator that our founding fathers warned us about. Abraham Lincoln was not a real American and neither are the traitors who follow him. And you are a damned fool for picking the answer you did as the "best answer." Lincoln got shot and that was American justice served.

    Source(s): A True Patrior
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    That flag doesn't represent hatin' America,

    it represents the rebellion against corruption, large (central) government, and [Forgot what the third was gonna be]

    And it's like a rebirth of America,

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  • 9 years ago

    I am from the North. I had an ancestor that was a Dr. in the Union Army. I say the flag is the heritage of the South, many brave young men on both sides died in that God awful war. We must keep that Confederate flag, and remember the pain. From that standpoint, it would be patriotic,


  • 9 years ago

    You can find all the history of the naval jack if you look for it. Please don't take your knowledge from this website! And when you learn the truth and the history, then you will need to learn how idiots of today take it. They are 2 completely different stories.

  • 9 years ago

    The confederate flag was originally flown by people who wanted to destroy the United States, pure and simple.

    You can decide for yourself if that's patriotic.

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