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Do you believe the charges against Julian Assange are true, or merely filling a intelligence need?

When news broke out of Assange being charged with raping two woman, I wanted to call it's bluff. Not that I'm a major leftist or anything but the charges came too convenient of a time. The U.S. intelligence community and interpol were racing to find a way to prosecute Assange for his classified disclosures. What do you guys think, factual charges or fake


I'm aware he is an enemy of America, that's not in question I'm just wondering if you think this is a way to end a major political/intelligence headache

Update 2:

If enough people feel its fake charges, should they be dropped. I've been on the fence with Mr.Assange while he has endangered our military/political efforts he enlightened us to truths we needed to know.

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    The charges were true but whether or not they are actual violations or a way to squeeze money from a rich man remains to be seen. The charges were out long before the classified information was released - it has nothing to do with it. That will come later when the USA charges him with violating the Espionage Act and he tries to find a country that won't extradite him.

    There is no timing here. People are mistaking when he became a major news item with when events happened. The rape charges have been under investigation in Sweden for nearly a year - it was reported on the news but being about some wacko Australian hacker nobody, it was largely ignored. Then he releases classified data obtained from a spy (US Army annalist) and suddenly, he is major news. Of course that happened after the classified data was released, that is what made him infamous. Months ago, the Swedes decided to indict him and warrants were issued by INTERPOL. He alluded arrest so they were upgraded to a priority. Even the Twin Towers fictionalists couldn't twist this into a conspiracy.

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    of course they are. There aren't even any charges,the Swedes just want him for "questioning" but the real reason is to get him to Sweden where the US can extradite him and charge him with Doing Something They Don't Like in the USA - they're even drawing up a new law to use to prosecute him. If he stays in Britain,the US know they have no chance of extraditing him,because their whole case is based on nothing

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    What ? Two separate women alleging the same against one man.

    Timing these revelations just when his organisation get the heat on.

    Nah !

    Even the directors of cartoon time UK Eastenders would bin that story line as a non starter. Come on man this is classic fit up smear media garbage ! It is not going to result in a sticker.

    Not with his lawyers journalists and many worldwide supporters.

    And where and just who pray tell are these two so offended women ?

    If the Usa has any rational sense at all they should treat this man carefully. His word and perfectly legal truth is already out and is

    now irretrievable.

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    Not sure, honestly, it seems a smear job by US and other govts on one hand, but on another, he did not use common sense when posting the things he did, it was tantamount to an act of war by showing areas of vital security concerns. He was foolish, or he was working for someone who is against the US and the West. You reap what you sow, his wiki leaks has caused no doubt deaths and possible future harm to many-so, if he gets punished for what he has done, and he purposely set out to cause mayhem, then he gets what he deserves.

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  • No. Their stories keep changing, not to mention Assange is a wanted man that can't be arrested unless proper charges are placed against him. So, the government payed these women to claim rape.

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    The "Timing" of these Accusations -stinks to high heaven. And since "coincidence" is rare among the "Powers that Be"- I'm inclined to give Assange the "benefit of the doubt", and think there might be something "rotten"- near Denmark ... ;)

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    usa got humiliated by him exposing all their dirty laundry and is just crying like a spoilt brat who hasn't got its way

    the sex rape Sweden allegations i don't know if he's guilty or innocent i'll wait for the jury's verdict once all the evidence has been heard in an open court

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    Definitely an excuse. The government just needed a reason to throw him in jail.

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    the case against him is 100% trumped up...kill the messenger

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    He is an enemy of America.

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