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what is wikileaks......?

Excuse my ignorance ..but what is wikileaks..

and why is it so horrible?

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    Wikileaks is a website created to lead classified information (including secret government documents) to the general public. The most recent, and probably the case you're talking about, was a leak of a large number of US embassy cables. These cables included documents making it clear about the functioning of the US government behind closed doors, such as tensions in the Middle East, nuclear disarmament, and the War on Terror. Because the website was "taken down" immediately, you cannot get access to the original files, but what you can do is go to a mirror website, which is an exact copy of the original, except the hosts are other countries.

    The link to these mirrors is:

    The big question is whether or not WikiLeaks does any good at all, in terms of democracy, diplomacy, and public safety. You can argue that it jeopardizes the lives of US soldiers overseas, and make top-secret information known to everyone including terrorists. One benefit of WikiLeaks can be that it defies government censorship and allows the citizens of the US to know about what its government is doing. However, you can argue that some information needs to remain secret and by exposing them destroys the trust between government and people. Also, because the site managers themselves decide what information to put on, THEY are now the ones controlling the flow of information.

    On the other hand, if a government is keeping things secret from the rest of the world, chances are it probably shouldn't be doing the secret things in the first place. It also lets journalists and the media to actually talk about information that it was once restricted from. People have a right to know what their government is up to, because of the democratic nature of the US. It also creates a check on the government and you can argue that it builds trust between it and the people with the sharing of knowledge.

    The credited creator, Julian Assange, was on the run from government officials on charges of alleged sexual assault (which there is really no evidence for). He and the site managers still have a ton of leaks still to be published, he's just waiting for the right time. A term that comes up a lot when talking about wikileaks is that of "whistleblowers", which is just a person who exposes wrongdoings of the gov't.

    You can watch a TED Talk that he did here:

    Personally, I'm not fully convinced on the benefits WikiLeaks has. All the cables are very formal and in a diplomatic tone, and you'd have to be hard-pressed to comb through them all to find something important. A lot of the news we already knew about before, like the actions of US soldiers in Afghanistan. And let's face it: there's just some information that we DON'T WANT TO KNOW. Call me ignorant, but I'd sleep better without top-secret info going through my mind.

    However, I do support the fact that Julian Assange has made this information well known and he has gained a lot of attention by doing so. I believe that the US government was dealt a hard blow, which suits them because a lot of the actions they were doing aren't very pleasing to hear about. People are always ready to fight against censorship or being kept in the dark, especially when their own government is doing it.

    Source(s): Canada has a AMAZING national high school debating organization, and I did many debates and research on this topic.
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    It's where information that may not be available to the general public is "leaked" onto "wikileaks" in some cases it might even be secret and suppose to be kept secret. It's been in the news lately because some things were posted on there that were classified and were not suppose to be shown to the public. For example, if you watch a leaked video it usually means it should not yet be shown to the public or should be kept secret has been posted WITHOUT permission, sometimes it can be legal sometimes leaking things can end you up in jail, or in some circumstances executed. Searching in google will probably have a better explanation to this.

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    It's a website that releases classified government documents like this one:

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    It is a web site which attempts to "leak" as many of our country's classified documents as apssible.

    And, that is why it is so horrible.

    They are traitors, who put every American at risk by attempting to release all of our government's secrets.

    Go in peace.


    Uncle Floyd, A.C.A.P.

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    ....Just go to the website. It's not horrible?

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    It's when your computer gets really excited and pees on itself!

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