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NASCAR on ESPN/ABC. Do you love it or hate it?

I believe that NASCAR on ESPN/ABC has some of the worst broadcasting coverage ever. Too much dumbed down terms, the announcers have no idea how to call a race (though Marty Reid has improved a little), the pit reporters always mess up, and the statistical and technical overuse is unbearable. We all know how an engine blows up. Also, way too many commercials and I hate the bulky graphics. Remember, ESPN/ABC hasn't always been this bad at NASCAR coverage. Back in the 80s and 90s, guys like Bob Jenkins, Benny Parsons, Ned Jarrett, and Dr. Jerry Punch in the pits were the top notch team and set the pace for other networks. Even back in the 90s when ESPN covered ARCA, NASCAR Goody's Dash Series, and NASCAR All Pro Series, the coverage was so professional, even for much lower tier series. My question is, do you love or hate the coverage? What would you do to make it better? Any broadcast schedules? or just somethings that I just missed. Thanks!

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    Gotta love guys like Patch. Yeah yeah they turn left alot, AT 190 MILES AN HOUR YOU IDIOT! I don't like watching tennis but I don't go into the Tennis section of Y!answers and poke fun at them.

    In any case I cant stand any of the network TV coverage. I usually try to find a radio station that is "accidentally" streaming the PRN/MRN. They aren't supposed to, its an unauthorized rebroadcast. But there is always one or two of the affiliates that goof up. I got hooked on MRN/PRN back when I worked on the road and had Sirius Radio.

    DW is a flat out moron, and Rusty over on fox just makes crap up. Not to mention Fox's obsession with useless graphics. Dude, we know where pit road ends, we don't need super-imposed graphics and fake scorboards.

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    I dislike ESPN coverage mainly because we don't get it here in Canada, so I end up missing those races. I prefer Fox.

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    Oh patch, why are you living? It looks like you have no life. You're a disgrace to the human race, I and therapists agree you should kill yourself. You and the human race would be better off. Oh, and Patch, you have been reported to HQ. Congradufuckinglations.

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    If it's not on FOX, I don't like the coverage.

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    ALL ESPN broadcasting is bad.

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