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How to become a casual buddhist?

I'm a female teenager and i'm really interested in the teachings of the buddha.

I would really like to become a buddhist because I feel it is very cleansing and a pure way to live.

I just want to be a really 'casual' buddhist so what do I need to do to become a follower.

Please help, thank you.

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    okay let me clear a few things up, first there are female buddhist monks, they are called nuns i have no idea where that person got their info. they are ordained and live and follow the same rules as male monks. the buddha specifically said that women can be ordained. secondly the dalai lama writes lots of books but they are very deep and involving at the same time as being a bit vague so definitely not casual. anyway instructions below:)

    follow the precepts:

    1: no killing

    2: no stealing

    3: no lying

    4:no sexual misconduct (no rape, no cheating on people, etc.)

    5. no use of intoxicants (absolutely no alcohol or drugs and caffiene should be avoided as well but isn't forbidden.)

    you may not like number five but you also probably don't know that alcohol sucks away your seratonin (chemical in your brain that makes you happy), without that stuff you are not happy unless your drinking again, hence addiction. meditation makes you feel happy so if you lack the right chemical in your brain to feel happy you won't feel meditation works and trust me, it does!

    try to understand karma. it exists as a very real thing, not just as a faith driven idea. for example if you steal something and no one sees you will still worry someone saw you. worry is a negative feeling and could be called bad karma. doing something nice for someone makes you feel happy, happiness could be called good karma. so try to think about what you do in life to understand karma and why it's important to follow the precepts.

    meditate! at least 10 minutes a day and work your way up to thirty minutes a day twice a day. sit with your back straight and unsupported (like a backless chair or stool or on the floor) breath in and focus on where the breath comes in at your nose. let all thoughts drift by without interacting with them or trying to push them away. breath out the same way. when you get distracted come right back to your breath. counting really helps. count out breaths only from one to ten. start over at ten or if you get lost.

    that's it. you're a casual buddhist if you do these things.

    a more serious buddhist would be also reading the pali canon (the original teachings of the buddha). learning everything you can about the four noble truths and eightfold path. going on retreats to temples. seriously teaching others about buddhism. eating only once a day. avoiding movies, video games and the like, and lots more!

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    Buddhism is the best religion hands down. Read the Dhammapada and live by the 8 Fold path. Also, Buddha was the first to ordain female nuns as well and there is no misogyny in Buddhism. Just read the Buddha's teachings and your life will change for the better. Good Luck.

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    You can find books written by the Dali llama himself in almost any library. I would start there. I will tell you that even to be a "casual" Buddhist You need to learn the four noble truths, understand of their meaning comes with time. These are 1. There is suffering. 2. Suffering has cause. 3. There is cessation to suffering. 4. There is a path to such freedom.

    The best way to put Buddhism. I treat it with a lot of emotion its not just saying, "I will not stick a strangers hand in the fire because it is wrong" it's saying, "I will not stick a strangers hand in the fire because I will feel his pain." It is very empathetic

    Those who tell you you cannot practice casually are misguided. Their words come from the ego ANYTHING can be practiced casually. I wish you well on your journey.

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    Buddhism started from Hinduism, when Gautam Buddha, a Hindu King, left his kingdom for self-realization. Now, there are many paths given in Hinduism that leads to self-realization. Gautam Buddha had chosen the path of meditation. Other paths include devotion towards God (e.g. Krishna devotion) or through pursuit of gyaan (knowledge), with help of spiritual discourses (e.g. Bhagwad Gita)...and so on..

    since you like Gautam Buddha, I recommend you to visit India, the place of start of Buddhism and see how Buddhist Monks live and try to learn from them directly.

    But I'm impressed from you, because rarely people get the interest in spirituality (i mean spirituality, not religion), at such a tender age. I hope you prevent getting spoiled in things like TV, Sex etc and attain self-realization!

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    yes you can, read some buddhist books or get to their website .

    but dont ever try to be a casual muslim

    that would be a wrong choice

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    You can't be a casual buddhist. You either believe it, and therefore follow the teachings, or you don't.

    I guess religion has, like everything else, turned into some disposable fashion accessory.

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    You cannot be a "casual" of any religion. Buddhist monks are all men, but you can study Buddhism and become a follower of the religion.

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    lol. just stay as you are in the first place dude. an agnostic escaping reality as well as wanting 'tickling ears' to just make you feel good and junk. ;)

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