Are there Vo Tech Schools in North Augusta SC?

Im going to relocate to South Carolina, North Augusta too Be Exact. What I'm Wondering is If They Have A Vo Tech School? In PA Where Were At Now, They Have One At The High School, My Daughter Does Cosmetology, Goes too Regular School One Day, Then Votech The Next..So I Was Wondering if They Have Something For Students In School As Opposed to After School. Any Info Would Be Greatly Appreciated!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I found a vocational high school in SC, however, I'm not sure if it's in your locale or not. I'll email you so that it's more private and confidential. Please forgo those private overpriced For-profit beauty/tech schools such as 'paul mitchell, the school', 'aveda institute', 'toni guy', 'empire beauty', 'regency', 'marinello' and instead consider the more affordable County Vo-Tech school (or Community College) as long as the program is accredited within the industry. It might take the cosmetology graduate a couple of years to 'get a book' (of regular customers) before Possibly makiing a decent salary. Then the person may be struggling to pay for rent and other expenses in addition to repaying all of those student loans. One can go to the more affordable vocational school and then take continuing education classes which is usually required anyway :)

    These consumer sites have negative posts by former students about those private $$ for-profit beauty/tech schools:



    - and can type into search.

    For general career info: and can search 'barbers and cosmetologists' or such.

    US colleges (including community colleges):

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