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Is Prague (Czech Republic) a gay-friendly city?

Are there gay nightclubs or bars or anything there?

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    Yes, Czech Republic and especially Prague is very gay friendly. It is not big deal and no deal breaker. Czech people are not interested in anyone sexuality and as long you keep it for yourself, nobody cares. Best dance club is Valentino in Vinohradska street. It is huge and extremely popular among all classes of people even straight ones, since it offer one the best music in Prague.


    Tartu222 you are babbling nonsense. Czech Republic was never part of Soviet Union and homosexuality was decriminalized in Czechoslovakia in 1962. Civil unions for same-sex couple are norm and not big deal to anyone. This is not Estonia.

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    Yes, I think Prague is a gay friendly city in general. There's a lot of gay clubs and gay associations.

    Tartu222, The Czech republic was NEVER part of the Soviet Union, It's totally different culture and as far as I know gays have no rights in Russia.

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    There are gay clubs, but homosexuality, while tolerated by the government, is not so accepted by everyday Czechs--nor in many countries of the former Soviet Union. You'll find people and places in Prague, but don't think it's super cool to be open about it.

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    I knew a gay guy who got stoned to death in prague. i wouldnt reccomend it.. You'd fit in better at rehoboth beach

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