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does anyone have a puggle with blue eyes?

My name is Jeremiah and I live in Dayton, OH. For almost 5 years now my wife Tricia & I have owned a puggle with the most amazing blue eyes anyone has ever seen. He is 40 lbs. and is absolutely the best looking puggle ever. We named him Yoda. He can sometimes be an asshole because if he doesn't get what he wants he won't leave you alone. Other than that he is well mannered and very fun to play with, with a huge amount of energy. If anyone would like to see a picture of him please let me know, and I will upload some for you. Thank you and I look forward to a response.


He is not obease at all. He is perfectly perportioned. He also isn't at all ill trained. He is extremely obedient. I have trained many dogs in my life and this one is by far my best. all I said was that he can be an *** @ times, in a funny way...

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    You're not the only one! I'm from Waynesville so I'm not too far and I have family in Dayton.

    My friend who actually lives in Dayton has 3 Puggles. A liter of Puggle pups were left on her doorstep. All 3 have different colored eyes. Regal has one blue eye and one brown eye. Prince has blue, like a Husky would have. Queenie has one dark brown and one that is a golden color with some green tints in it. All 3 are great dogs, and for the most part are well behaved. They tend to bark a lot, if people are at the door, other dogs, animals or people outside, but that's the Beagle in them. They are smart and really stubborn. When she first acquired these pups last Christmas we knew they were Puggles but thought they may have been mixed with something else. They vet said it was pure Puggle. She did explain to us that however, blue eye coloring is a recessive gene in most breeds. Even if the breed is not known for it, and the parents do not have it, a puppy can still be produces with one or both eyes blue. With this being said, she pretty much stated that this means that any breed of dog can have a blue eyed pup, but it is a very rare occurrence. There are also health concerns associated with blue eyed dogs which are cataracts and deafness. Here pups were tested for deafness and it turnes out that Prince is deaf.

    Hope this helps!

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    40lbs sounds OBESE for a pug/beagle mutt.

    Especially since neither of those breeds should ever weigh that much to begin with.

    A puggle is correctly a baby platypus or echidna. Not some mutt.

    I've met beagles with blue eyes, no big deal.

    Mutts don't have predictable traits, so it's a crapshoot what you get.

    Have fun with your ill-trained, obese mutt.

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    I didn't think that it was legal to a baby platypus without the proper permits from Fish and Game Department. Not interested in seeing a pic of your platypus, I can find several of them online.

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    Hes sounds cute.. I dont know why people call puggles and theses new breeds mutts. I think people are forgetting that other breeds like Labs, poodles , collies were all breed from other dogs before they became a registerd breed. Mutts are also good dogs who nee homes and love.

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    Anything is possible with a mutt of unknown breeding and BYB.

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    we have a puggle named LuLu but hers are brown! i bet blue is gorgeous! she is a stubborn little one but so much fun as well!

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    9 years ago

    my friends puggle are kinda blue ish

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    WTF is a puggle?

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