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If you purchase the Wizard 101 Epic game card do you lose all the new features in a month or r they permanent?

My son wants this desperately for Christmas but I don't want to pay $39.95 for something he can only use for 1 month. It is unclear from what is written on the back of the card if he will continue to have his pet/castle, etc after the 1 month expires.

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    no, all items are permanent. except for one thing, allow me to elaborate...

    *the card includes*

    -a gryphon mount to ride on (that increases your speed by 40% (permanent)

    -the epic castle (that he can duel his friends in, which is the only houses that can do so (permanent)

    -special robe, hat, and shoes (permanent, it looks like a silver version of the guardian outfit)

    -the staff of ancient power (permanent, comes with a card from each school)

    -the fierce hound pet (permanent and comes in varying colors, which color you will get you cannot tell)

    -and your choice of either a 1 month subscription OR 5000 crowns (crowns are like a special in game currency, once redeemed they don't go away until you spend them) to use on exclusive items or if he isn't a subscribed member he can buy access to areas.

    So if he is a subscribed member, redeem it for the crowns to use on awesome items but if he isn't a subscribing member I'd suggest using the 1 month subscription to unlock all content :)

    so the only thing that would go away after 1 month would be the subscription IF you choose to redeem it for that instead of the crowns. all in all its a great value, it comes with a lot of very useful in game items for a relatively small amount of money. you can also read more about it on the official page here-

    good luck and have a merry christmas! :)

    Source(s): avid Wizard101 player :)
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