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Why did/does Bob Geldof seem to get all the credit for live aid?

i'm pretty sure Midge Ure had a lot to do with it as well.

Geldof got made a Sir(even though hes not British), Midge got an OBE maybe he should have sworn on live tv as well.

BQ fave song featuring Midge Ure his bands or solo career?


every Christmas this bugs me ... oh Midge got an honoury degree as well

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    Because Midge was just a regular, self-effacing Guy, and Geldof, along with Bonio (deliberate) believe that everything they say is SO important, despite them being both tw**s!

    "Oh, let's save the Planet, and fly here in our separate Jets"

    BQ: Ultravox - "All Stood Still"

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    Edit: ^^ Thank you :)

  • Daryll
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    well its all down to the telly really. (sir) bob was on the screen all the time, and became the face and voice of the whole live aid thing. i think it was more midges' idea from the start as well.

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    Not sure, I always thought Geldof was responsible for thinking it all up.

    If what your saying is true, then it seems pretty unfair that Geldof was the only one who came out on top with all the credit.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dunno, maybe because Bob Geldof is a more recognizable name?

    BQ- In the spirit of the holidays, I'll say "Do They Know it's Christmas"

    v Love your answer, AtS! :)))

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    cos big mouth took over as he always does

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