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John Edward The Physic?

Do you think his show and his predictions, insight etc are all correct or do you think he's an amazing scam artist? I find it fascinating! Im not sure what to believe, however I have been to a "Mind Show" where a man asked me to come to the stage and with his back to me, I had to draw a picture of anything I liked. I drew an island with waves, a palm tree and a sun. He then drew a picture and he drew an almost exact relpica of my picture!!! It was incredible. So the question is Mind reader, pyschic or just more highly intellegent?

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    He is actually only a mediocre cold reader. He uses classic techniques for cold reading in groups, such a "shot gunning" and reading reactions to isolate individuals. Pretty much by the book.

    He also creates a group attitude in which the entire group will pressure an individual into acknowledging he is correct, even if he is wrong. It would be impossible to go on the show and tell people that John Edwards was wrong, because the group will wave their fingers and say "John Edwards isn't wrong, you just don't know what he means yet"

    Also the show is filmed over 3 hours and edited down to 40 minutes, which gives Edwards ample room to mess up.

    Often times he shows clips of people who have gone home and claim he was correct, but he would never show it if someone claimed he was wrong.

    I used to tape the show in college, and several times I caught him actually lying and changing what he says. For example, he says "I am sensing your mother is passed away" to a person who says "No, my mother is fine." to which he replies "You didn't hear what I said. I said someone close to your mother is passed away."

    I am also told that people are seated and the cameras and sound are running for about 30 minutes before the show starts. Meanwhile, what do people talk about? They talk about what relatives they hope to hear from and what they hope to find out during the show. It doesn't take too much imagination to figure out that someone is listening and taking notes.

    edit: although its not about a medium, a good movie to watch to learn about group reading techniques is "Leap of Faith" with Steve Martin. Its about a Evangelistic Preacher who goes around with a traveling Christian revival show.

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    Cold reader, some say he's not even very good at that, shows are edited, bullies people into accepting his readings as right etc

    Tricks and illusions, when are one of these showmen going to man up and take on one of the many skeptic challenges?

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