Persuade parents to get a PS3 or 360 for Christmas?

Ive been persistently asking for one for a long long time. Have a ps2, wii and psp atm, and am willing to pay for up to half of the total. Im in my second year of GCSEs.

Then again, I have exams in January, and a load of coursework to do over the holidays. Thats the reasoning behind my parents logic to say no. Im a consistent A*/A pupil who has a predicted 8 A* and 4 A in June 2011.

Is there a foolproof way to get one? I dont mind either, as EVERY friend has one or the other. I went to friends house yesterday who had a 360, and my parents were interested as to which one he had (ps3 or 360).

Ive done my research for cheap deals - Argos have a good deal for the 360 (360+Kinect for £169), whereas Gamestation have an amazing deal for the ps3 (320gb PS3 +Gran turismo 5 + Fifa 11 for £289)

Im an avid racing game fan, as is my dad, whereas my mum prefers her puzzle games. I really fancy the PS3 deal, and have subtly hinted to them about it. In fact, my cousin has just emailed us a few days ago telling us about the deal Gamestation has, and has just bought one :D Online Play win :)

So how can i persuade them?? 10 Points for best answer.


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    9 years ago
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    You already have enough...besides, how did you predict your results? Lots of bright students i know failed miserably....just collect enough for a second hand cause later you'll be begging for cash to spend on games.

  • 9 years ago

    I am probably ruining things by saying this but...

    ... if what you said is accurate it might be that you are about to get a 360 for Christmas or just after (your important course work deadlines and exams are only a few weeks away, after all) but they want it to be a surprise.

    They do not sound against the idea of you having one. And if you can pay for half, money likely doesn't seem to be an issue either because there are more than a few decent offers on the big two. I should know since I have 2 UK PS3s, 2 UK 360s (I gave my 3rd to my mother so she can play and speak with me without huge phone bills - I live in Japan) and one Japanese 360.

    And the fact they were interested in what console your friends had is also pretty suspicious.

    So I don't think you really need to persuade them and they only offered up their wishy-washy logical excuse because you were pushing the issue.

    PS. GCSEs... that takes me back. Exactly 10 years ago I was in your position. You must be going to a pretty decent school to be taking 12. I did since I was a grammar school student, but most kids in regular school take way less than 10. Good luck with the GCSEs! (although at the rate your going, I'm sure you won't need it)

  • 9 years ago

    i would go for the xbox as i have both consoles and the ps3 is redundant now,especially because of kinect ,technology seams to be moving along faster for xbox,although warrenty or insurance is very important as xbox does not have a good survival rate compared to ps3.the best 360 to get is the elite as it has enough memory if not buy the new one but make sure its 250 gig as the other one wont play some games due to memory.i hope this helps merry xmas.

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  • 9 years ago

    Tell them that you are getting very bored these days. Tell them about the online gaming thing so you are not able to play with your friends as they have a ps3 but you don't so you feel complexed and ashamed. Tell them about the benefits of the deal. Tell your father about the realism of the car games. Tell them that you can take it away during exams or give a limited time to play. Adding to the online gaming thing tell them that there is a gaming tournament coming between your friends and you can not play as you don't have a ps3(if you want to lie). I think that this will get your job done.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    just say to your parents that you will not spend all day on it and will still do your homework but still the money will not be wasted. as well as its cheep to talk to friends through mic it doesn't cost anything, whereas if you were to phone it would cost and you will still concentrate on your work ;) oh get and xbox 360 dlc's are released on xbox way faster and easier to use harder to hack ;)

  • Walmart sells them cheap NIB for practically the same as Craigslist. I got one for mine.


    Walmart is Asda over there I think ;p

  • 9 years ago

    if you have a best buy in the area have them give it a try maybe they will like it and want to play with you.... there some really good fitness games that the moms might really like...

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