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I've just bought a Bobbi Brown 24 pce makeup brush set, what brush does what?

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    Well, it should include these things;

    - mascara brush: looks like what you put mascara on with, to put mascara on with.

    - Lash & Brow comb: looks like a tiny comb, to neaten eyebrows and remove lumps from mascara

    - Large,Medium and Small Powder Brushes: looks like a blusher brush,to apply powder and blusher

    - Angle powder brush: to highlight cheek bones, to apply powder, highlighter or blusher

    - Angle Shadow Brush: to get into the finer bits of your eyelids when applying eye shadow

    - Round Shadow Brush: to apply eye shadow to main eyelid and brow area

    - Lipstick Brush: very thin and sort of moist, to apply lipstick without using the actual stick, gives more detail.

    - Large and Small Fan Brush: to apply blusher, looks like a fan

    - Foundation Brush: rounded, for applying and smoothing in foundation

    and some other things that i cant think of.... sorry.

    Source(s): i own TOO many make up products and brushes :P
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  • 3 years ago

    Bobbi Brown Makeup Brushes

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  • 9 years ago


    gives all the functions of the brushes, how to use them, what products to use them on, AND there's a section on how to clean them.

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