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enki asked in Arts & HumanitiesPhilosophy · 10 years ago

does your PURPOSE weigh less or greater than what it made you FEEL?

doing GOOD can sometimes make you feel BAD :)

doing BAD can sometimes make you feel GOOD :(

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    Sometimes, when your PURPOSE is doing something for the greater GOOD it can make you FEEL BAD. A majority of people never seem to be going with the flow of a good deed in the 21st Century - maybe it's a sign of the times or maybe it's a shift in human nature, but I just think that it's all changed for the worse. For instance, the union of marriage in this century and in the late 20th century has gone down. In past centuries and times, men and women got married for the union of it or because it was a tradition to uphold. When people get married for the union of it, it's beautiful but when it's done just to uphold tradition can sometimes lead you down a bad road because you're not sure why you're in the marriage besides that one goal. I'm a young married woman and a lot of other people my age or even older (who are single) all look at me with a weird look on their face when I explain my marriage. Marriage isn't the only topic on the table that seems to be thought of as being GOOD but makes you feel bad, though it was an example.

    Other times, when your PURPOSE is doing something less than what they make you FEEL GOOD. I mean, my husband and I was talking about this last night. So many young people where I live go around feeling bored when there's no reason to especially with all these new inventions: iPads, the Wii, laptops, etc. or going for your education or to work at a part-time job. Instead, they'd prefer to do wrong than do right. When the majority is showing that it's better to do wrong than right, they tend to go with the wrong. So many times that you end up not where you expected to.

    The point is and/or what you can learn from this is when you're doing GOOD and it can sometimes make you feel BAD is to remember why you are fulfilling that PURPOSE in the first place. It may feel like you're alone but trust me, you're walking this path in life for a REASON. You're not only doing what's right for you but you're SETTING AN EXAMPLE for people just like you.

    The point is and/or what you can learn from this is when you're doing BAD can sometimes make you feel GOOD is that it won't last forever. What this is called is TEMPTATION and it's up to you to RESIST it with SELF-DISCIPLINE and SELF-CONTROL. In doing so, all of which comes with the courage to walk away from doing wrong. As you're walking away, remind yourself about why you chose to walk away, what it means now that you have, and soon you'll realize just how much inner power you really do have so in the end it builds up to confidence.

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    It weighs so very much greater. I believe in the power of love. I believe in giving without expecting any return. I believe in doing good to all. I believe in the Laws of Karma and yet life is so very hard. I come across ungrateful, spiteful and unkind people that no matter how gentle and kind you are with them they just want to boss others around and only think of themselves. I have experiences that make me prayer and plead 'why does everything go so wrong when all I want to do is live in peace, love and harmony?' Is this a challenge, a punishment, a test of my belief in goodness? I have no idea but my purpose is to love and help others in any way I can through a difficult world. The weight is heavy because incredibly this isn't always easy to do. Good question Enki.

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    Yes doing good can make us feel bad.

    The purpose weighs greater. I've tremendous belief in Love and forgiveness. Enjoy giving than receiving anything from others. Your life's purpose is served when you do good and help the needy. I believe in doing my duty sincerely and not expecting the returns.The present modern life is nothing but " hurry and worry" .we have to deal with people who are selfish, ungrateful, unkind and revengeful. Nomatter how gentle, kind and loving you are with them they hurt and crush you ruthlessly. All my life i've struggled to live in peace, love and harmony. It is an uphill task. Now i tackle the toughest nut through love and forgiveness. When you are loving and forgiving you reap God's reward. We have to bear the " CROSS " to shine .

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    My purpose weighs about the same as how I feel and balances the scale.

    My heart feels "right" when doing good, even if it may be something hard to do.

    Many times, bad doesn't appeal to me... because I already know how it makes me feel.... bad, when I have time to reflect on it.

    Merry Christmas, Enki. :)


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    As I grow older my purpose has become too heavy a burden for me alone. Though it still makes me feel good to carry it.

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    It probably weighs far less

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    equal.... when DOING something... I don't FEEL it.. I just DONE it... when BAD things happen.. I just close my eyes and pretend it's all a bad dream.... and that's how I get by.....


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    Why is it about "you" ?.........and the way "you" feel?

    World is way bigger then "you"or me....right

    "He ain't heavy...he is my brother"

    and we are all a speck .... on a speck of dust on a trail of dust on a beam of light

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