Three day old blind baby goat?

Ok. I have a doeling that appears blind. I noticed at first yesterday something was wrong she had her head down shaking and back hunched. I figured at first it was the doe she is a first time mom and it was not the easiest birth. Brought her in and have been bottle feeding she did get first milk from mom and I gave col. also. She is doing better but seems blind in both eyes. The are clear and show no puss redness etc. My vets out if the country till the first and no other vets treat goats. can anyone offer help?


Birod what's your location email me hollyfagerlund@ yahoo


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    PUS-one S.

    Euthanize it.

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    I believe you could find out for sure if she's blind by suddenly shining a bright light into her eye and see if she reacts. If not, then there's probably nothing you can do because it's likely a birth defect. It may be just coincidental and caused by simple random chance, but did you by any chance medicate the doe with antibiotics, dewormers, etc or was the doe sick with a fever at some time during pregnancy? Different organs and parts of fetuses develop at different times throughout pregnancy. If it wasn't just a chance happening, I'd wonder if it was the result of a medication or illness of the doe when the optic nerve was developing.

    I once had a ewe abort twins prematurely. Both had eye sockets, but no eyeballs whatsoever and had skin covering the empty eyesocket. No doubt that's why she aborted. It never happened again and that was pure coincidence, just one of those random things.

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    There is an excellent support group of professional goat people. it's on yahoo groups the name is Even though it is predominately Boer...all goat topics are covered....these folks really know their stuff. I joined and found everyone very helpful.

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    Have you tried "nitroflorozine" powder it is used for pink eye and other infections.I know you don't think there is an infection but you must eliminate the possibility because if it isn't an infection then there isn't any thing you can do.Yes medicine is still primitive..

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