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what are ghost notes?

Does anyone know what the term 'Ghost Notes' mean? How do you play them? What kind notes are ghost notes ?

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    Ghost notes are musical notes occurring in a rhythmic figure which are purposely deemphasized, often to the point of near silence. In popular music drumming these notes are played, "very softly between the 'main' notes," most often on the snare drum. A rhythmic figure may be punctuated by certain notes which are accented (emphasized), in which case we would say that the unaccented notes in the figure are played with a 'normal' degree of emphasis. This is the case, for instance, in a clave pattern whose notes are spaced evenly across time but with certain notes in the pattern receiving a degree of emphasis which makes them stand out from the others in terms of volume. Therefore, in a clave pattern, we have accented as well as unaccented notes. (Some[who?] might argue that a clave pattern is really only made up of the accented notes, with any unaccented notes being placeholders and not part of the pattern. This is open to debate, and depends largely on instrumentational factors.)

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